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Book arts
April 24, 2008, 6:31 pm
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I’m taking an advanced bookarts class and love it. I fell in love with bookbinding after taking the begining class and have kept going. What about hand binding a guest book? I’m currently thinking of ideas for that but here are some books made by me and my classmates.

Sue and Sam

This lovely couple met online too! And the proposal was in Provincetown, where Natalie and I got my ring. *sniff* I love them already. And their photos are fab- such a lovely wedding. The little brown and blue details like the cake with dots is perfect. All pictures are from Strut Photography. And go visit Sam and Sue’s knot bio for detail information.

I’m sorry for the funny photo sizing- not my doing, the photographer had it this way on his blog.

Pink Lemonade
April 17, 2008, 12:53 pm
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I just finished a book in my bookarts class with the colors bright yellow and hot pink. I never see this color combo but I love it. It would make such a cheery, whimsical wedding theme.

cram it all in
April 16, 2008, 8:08 pm
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There is a lot of stuff to take in and organize when your a bride, and it can feel like info overload.

Here is what I use to help keep all my info together:

At home:

  • I use devonthink, a info management software, to store everything. Bookmarks, scans from magazines, business cards, info on vendors, the works. Once you set up a hierarchy of folders and categories, it can even automatically file things in proper folders.
  • To get the most out of my devonthink, I use my ScanSnap S510M to scan everything. I do mean everything. I cut out all inspiration magazine pages and zip it through this scanner. It takes about 10 seconds to do one page using the highest quality setting. Then I can search for it easily in my devonthink later. I also scan all my contracts, business cards, brainstorming on paper, every single thing.  This scanner does cost $$$ but it has virtually eliminated any paper clutter I have and made my life so much easier. Especially with a future wife who wants to be an academic. You can’t imagine the amount of paper.
  • I use ical for my calendar. Everything must go in here, because if it’s not in there, I will not do it. I can keep track of everything in my ical on the go using the itouch.
  • Gmail, how I love thee. This is the best email application ever. I adore it. It also runs my to do list using Jott(more on that later).
  • Part of gmail is my google reader. It lets me view all my favorite blogs on one website. Amazing. So I don’t have to have all 100 of the blogs I read and click each blog link. It just loads up new blog posts onto my google reader.

On the go:

  • Jott. You must sign up for Jott. Sign up, program your jott # into your speed dial, and watch your life change. Basically this converts your words into text. I have ADHD and some learning disabilities, so having text is key for me to remember something. You can tell me “call the florist” 400 times and I will not do it. My brain has a hard time processing audio. So I call Jott with anything I need to do. Jott then emails me a text of whatever I just spoke into the phone. I then archive in gmail under label Jott. Then, using my itouch, I can see a current to-do list whenever I want. I know you must be saying, holy shit, why doesn’t she just write it down? Because I can jott to-do’s while I’m walking to the metro, standing in line, before class, anywhere at anytime. It takes me maybe 10 seconds. And then I have a hard copy of it forever. I can’t loose it.
  • itouch. I use an itouch because the iphone doesn’t have verizon service. It keeps track on my ical calendar, jott to-do, hold my inspiration pics to show vendors, holds my contacts, lets me check my email anywhere almost, and has a timer which I use constantly(so I keep on track and don’t hyperfocus on one thing).

Hope this helps give you guys an idea of how to better manage the millions of ideas floating out there for weddings.

April 15, 2008, 2:12 pm
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I played at polyvore…it’s pretty darn fun and easy to make inspiration boards now. I like how pink and spring this one is, and if you go to the website you can even see where all the images are from.

April 13, 2008, 5:58 pm
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Things to do for the reception in terms of decor:

  • Centerpieces: I’m doing an individual terrarium for each table. Having bought out illuminations when their terrariums went on sale, I have all the terrariums I need. But I need plants to go int them and that’s the hard part- picking plants. In each terrarium will also be woodland creatures like porcelain deer. The head table where Nat, Me, and the rest of the bridal party will be sitting is going to be long, unlike the rest of the tables. So I’ll be ordering long branches and then glue fake flowers and birds onto them.
  • The chairs for Natalie and I will have little paper backs saying something. Perhaps Bride & Bride? Just Married? We rock?
  • Behind the head table there are two huuuuge trees. I want to hang chandeliers I get off ebay on them.
  • Each table needs a number. I am so not going to name the tables. Too confusing.
  • I need a centerpiece/decor for the actual buffet table.
  • Over the buffet table and doors to the dance floor will be a huge arch of paper flowers. Huge. I am going to want to kill myself making that many flowers.
  • And last- a photobooth.

Girl, make a decision
April 9, 2008, 9:30 am
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So I always have a wealth of ideas. Literally, I come up with them faster than I can jot them down. All. Day. Long. My head is spinning super fast. This is the product of an ADHD mind. I love it/hate it. It’s nice to dream but it sucks when I’m trying to actually get shit done.

So my dear friends, my time is running thin. September is actually coming. And in terms of decor, I need to pin some things down.

So here is a list of decor I need to finalize/start/finish:

For the ceremony:

  • the chuppah- do we use discarded architectural columns? Birch branches? For the fabric, color? White? Lace? Old veils off ebay? Should I decorate the top with branches/birds/ribbons?
  • the aisle- no runner. Aisle decor- I want to use shepherd hooks that are at least 60 inches high, but can I afford this? I want to make pompadors made of tissue paper flowers and ribbons coming out the middle hanging down.
  • Chairs – reserved seats for bridal party, since I want them to see the ceremony and not just stand at my chuppah looking bored.
  • Parasols- I want to get 40(?) parasols for the guests as we are getting married in a groove and there is no shade. And I can just feel the shoulders of my lily white family getting burned to a crisp. I want to get plain red parasols and wrap ribbons on the handle. Ha! Another DIY wish project. And the parasol bucket. That must be decorated.
  • Programs- no way. I do not think I have time to make 70+ programs. I will make a huuuuge board as they enter of stuff going on at the ceremony. But most guests are Jewish and know whats up. Has anyone done a huge banner/program?

The reception decor tomorrow! Holy crap I have a lot to do.

  • Ceremony signs- I need a few ‘this way’ signs as it is a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the ceremony site…and not a lot of directions. So a few actual wooden plaques saying ‘this way’ will work.

Etsy findings
April 6, 2008, 10:27 pm
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Woodsy Fairy Ring Pillow

Robin Egg pattern vase

Bird wedding cake topper

Ruffly empire 70’s dress

Sunny Flower Girl Basket

Helen Olivia
April 2, 2008, 3:48 pm
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BING! We hit the jackpot. That’s right. A florist said we could meet! And not just any florist, nono, the florist I had put off emailing because I was sure they would say they could not work with such a small order. Helen Olivia!!

Now my heart is aflutter because it means I have to make a decision on flowers though I know nothing. I really get all my inspiration from housemartin blog who runs the flower company ink&peat. Honestly, it’s everything I want- original, big open flowers, funky with odd details like blackberries and cattails. Maybe I do know what I want, ha!

Speaking of flowers, here’s a look see at my wedding shoes. I know everyone gets jimmy choo shoes- but honestly, $400 for shoes?? That’s how much my dress cost! I got these lovelies at DSW for $30.