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January 18, 2008, 10:30 pm
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I really want a photobooth for people to take silly pictures in all night but renting one costs usually $1500 and up. I can so not afford that. So I have been looking into a way to set up my camera and timer and have people take pictures in front of some fabric.


Knottie JessandLuke set up a laptop and used an apple webcam and just had people click themselves. Very easy to setup and sounds like a lot of people liked it.


I was so impressed with knottie h_flee’s DIY photobooth. It looks totally professional. Here’s what she said to do:

Our amazing friends and family in the “photobooth” *Directions: 1. Set up an area with your backdrop (could be fabric or a wall) 2. Set up your camera on a fixed tripod (We used a digital camera 3. Test the exposure/on camera flash and framing a few times and make adjustments as needed 4. Mark off the maximum area (with tape) that your guests can stand in and still be visible through the lense 5A. Have your guests use a remote control or cable release to take the pictures themselves (Be sure to have easy instructions to let your guests know what/how to do this… we made a simple illustration and had it framed next to the area) OR 5B. Have someone man the area and take the picture for your guests. TIPS: *Have someone (the band/DJ) announce to the guests to remember to visit the photobooth before the night ends. *Place the booth in an area where there is some traffic but not too much to distract. *We used professional lighting but an on camera flash will work as well. *We also had our guests write a message to us before their picture to place next to their picture in a photo guest book album… * Have fun!  “

I have to say with results like those, I actually feel pretty good about not getting a real photobooth.

Read up some more on programs to help you execute a photobooth:

  • Thinklab has the longest post known to man about making a photobooth. Most of it involves a lot more effort than I’m really intending to put into this but it does have some helpful tips.
  • Photojojo, a newsletter about funky photo stuff that I subscribe to, has a mini article about two programs you can use to make your laptop into a photobooth.
  • Knottie Gonnabeagoody actually went to all this trouble and no one used it! Maybe putting it in the basement and not somewhere prominent was the problem.

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what a FABULOUS idea!!! i like the printed instructions next to the ‘photobooth’ and look at this for a backdrop (your wedding is sort of outdoors, isn’t it?)


Comment by persephonesawakening

wait wait, this one too. ooh!


Comment by persephonesawakening

I love this idea!!! And I would totally do it if I had the patience, time, and energy required to set something like this up. 🙂 I hope you can figure it out because it’s so cool!!!

Comment by Quynh

[…] last- a photobooth. […]

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