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Girl, make a decision
April 9, 2008, 9:30 am
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So I always have a wealth of ideas. Literally, I come up with them faster than I can jot them down. All. Day. Long. My head is spinning super fast. This is the product of an ADHD mind. I love it/hate it. It’s nice to dream but it sucks when I’m trying to actually get shit done.

So my dear friends, my time is running thin. September is actually coming. And in terms of decor, I need to pin some things down.

So here is a list of decor I need to finalize/start/finish:

For the ceremony:

  • the chuppah- do we use discarded architectural columns? Birch branches? For the fabric, color? White? Lace? Old veils off ebay? Should I decorate the top with branches/birds/ribbons?
  • the aisle- no runner. Aisle decor- I want to use shepherd hooks that are at least 60 inches high, but can I afford this? I want to make pompadors made of tissue paper flowers and ribbons coming out the middle hanging down.
  • Chairs – reserved seats for bridal party, since I want them to see the ceremony and not just stand at my chuppah looking bored.
  • Parasols- I want to get 40(?) parasols for the guests as we are getting married in a groove and there is no shade. And I can just feel the shoulders of my lily white family getting burned to a crisp. I want to get plain red parasols and wrap ribbons on the handle. Ha! Another DIY wish project. And the parasol bucket. That must be decorated.
  • Programs- no way. I do not think I have time to make 70+ programs. I will make a huuuuge board as they enter of stuff going on at the ceremony. But most guests are Jewish and know whats up. Has anyone done a huge banner/program?

The reception decor tomorrow! Holy crap I have a lot to do.

  • Ceremony signs- I need a few ‘this way’ signs as it is a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the ceremony site…and not a lot of directions. So a few actual wooden plaques saying ‘this way’ will work.

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This is me exactly. We’ve worked it out so that I make a running list of wacked-out hijinx, but I can only do a total of 3 and Lauren has total veto power. I need boundaries.

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