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New House?
April 27, 2009, 2:12 pm
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So I was biting my nails. Would the seller take out low-ball offer? Would they even respond? They did *whew* and we went back and forth with price. Finally a price stuck and everyone was happy. So Natalie and I took the train up to New Haven on Thursday and went for the inspection. I have never seen a home inspection before, but thank God we got a top notch inspector. He actually treated us like home buyers and explained everything to us- instead of treating us like stupid girls. So the inspection went on and on and on because the company that was supposed to de-winterize the house for our inspection didn’t (of course) so sleazy seller Realtor(for real, he was like a bad spoof on sleazy Realtor) came over and tried to get it all fixed.

We eventually did get it all done but after 4 hours of inspection I felt like ‘OMG, this house is a shit hole.” and was afraid of the final say of the inspector. But apparently every house has tons of little things to fix- but the only thing we are waiting on is the oil tank which may or may not have a leak.

I’m beginning to feel like the house up in CT is my home. The attachment has already started and I’m adoring my new house. I just love it. It’s MINE!~!!!

So you know what that means…I have a whole new house to paint/design. I’m high from going through my entire Domino magazine collection and post-it noting ideas. Natalie is already asking for decisions to be made. I just started thinking!!



Home Sweet New Home
April 13, 2009, 7:30 pm
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So this last week has me running on empty. We took the bolt bus up to New York, got in at 10:30, hit the hay. Then we wake up, have breakfast with Natalie’s brother, sister-in-law, and their baby. We get ready for passover and then commence the craziness of having 40(?) people sit together on one of the longest tables known to man and have Passover.

20090408-img_5073(just one of the tables)


We then get up at the crack of dawn, have breakfast with the baby again and head out to New Haven CT. Over two days we see 20 houses.

Things I learned about house hunting:

  • There are a LOT of delusional sellers out there. Like, high on crack delusional. One house we visited had the most lovely exterior but when you walked in the whole house was covered in the ugliest wallpaper you have ever seen in your life. And it was really old wallpaper. I’m thinking “Why would you not tear all this crap down before showing it?” The doors were falling off, the kitchen was a hot tranny mess, and I could just go on. And they wanted $$$. No wonder that house has been sitting on the market. Don’t you think people would get the hint after 6 months of zero interest?
  • People obviously forget how gross their home is. I have 2 cats but I scoop their litter daily. Houses we went into STANK of cat that would be simply taken care of by scooping the box. Hello?? Who wants to buy a stinky cat poopy house?
  • One house we went to had floor to ceiling samurai swords on an ugly orange wall. I didn’t know what to say. I just have a much harder time picturing myself in a home when I have to delete the 300 swords from the room mentally.
  • House hunting is sooo tiring. After day one I wanted to crawl into bed. Half way through day two I started falling asleep in the car. It’s just exhausting trying to remember each home, ask all the right questions, picture yourself in each home, go up the 4,000 stairs.

BUT. We found the house. The house house. Our first house.

20090411_img_5475(yes it was raining and bitter cold, but isn’t it cute?)

We are putting an offer in today. I’m so nervous about this because it was far and away the best home. I love everything about it. It felt like home when I walked in.

PLEASE oh please let me get this house. Let the contracts work out. I did take, oh, 500 pictures of the house. Wanna see them?