Two Brides

September 29, 2008, 9:40 am
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We are here in London until next Wed. and then we are off to Paris for 4 days. London is like NYC only nice people, much bigger, and really great old history.

We have no internet in our hotel so I can’t update like I wanted. But we are happy and very very busy walking around this huge city!


We are married!!
September 22, 2008, 1:35 am
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We are offically wife and wife. So so much more to come. But for now, I’ll say I am so blessed and so lucky. Everything went perfectly- I’m so in love.

Note from Natalie:

I am married to the most wonderful woman alive. This was her brainchild and it was everything I could have dreamed of. Our families and friends are AMAZING. I could say so much more but I have fake nails on, which add to my inarticulateness. I will just say that I never thought I would feel this moved by the experience.

September 20, 2008, 3:21 pm
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We had the bacholorette party last night- omg. Our big suprise was the performance by 2 drag queens who were fab. It was so amazing to have all my close friends there, I felt like I was on cloud 9.

I’m so blessed.

Tomorrow I get married to the most wonderful woman.

getting there
September 18, 2008, 6:55 pm
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We had our last meeting with the Rabbi! I’m franticly trying to write/edit/print/tie togther the programs because they were just finalized today(we had to nail down some stuff with our Rabbi).

I also got a call that my grandmother in on oxygen in the hospital. They ruled out the heart but are trying to figure out why she is short of breath. For two weeks. And she didn’t tell anyone until she couldn’t breath and my mom saw her gasping on the stairs. GRRR. My grandmom hates doctors but c’mon! Short of breath? Get thee to a doctor!! Now I’m stressed that she’s sick and might be in the hospital for our wedding.

And the seating cards fell off the ribbon last night so I put two glue dots on them, not one. So they better stay on.

Tonight we meet with our DOC, Jennifer Shipman to go through the ceremony.

My phone is ringing so much I actually put on my bluetooth headset for the whole day.

I’m scribbling notes about decor for our DOC so everything looks good.

Tomorrow people start pouring in and our bachorlette party will begin at 8pm.

Ok, so it’s the middle of the week
September 17, 2008, 7:50 pm
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So here’s some more sneak peeks:

Today I:

-Got frustrated that I Do I Do alterations lady did not tell us they did not steam/press. Which meant I ran around to cleaners shops trying to find someone who would do it for a reasonable price. First quote? $280. Next quote? $75…done. If I did it again I would have done alterations/steaming at Parkway in Chevy Chase MD. They did Nat’s dress and were super professional. I Do I Do…I dunno. They got a stain on the dress after alterations, said they would not touch it, took it to a cleaners who didn’t have it ready in time and then claimed it was our fault(they said we had not seen the stain, bullsh*t). So we paid for the cleaning. It was $15 but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

-Got everyone’s eyebrows threaded at Dupont Threading. Wow! I totally am going back to them. I am now a threading believer.

-Got legs and underarms waxed at Aveda. Yowch. I forgot how much it hurt.

-Finished birdhouses for seating cards

-Finished table numbers

-Finished terrariums

September 15, 2008, 9:07 pm
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This is THE week. Aka, I’m getting married THIS week.

I have a bunch of pictures to show you guys…but I’m now aware that a lot more guests than I knew are reading this and I really don’t want to spoil the surprise. So here’s a lil peek at my exercise in frustration, the seating cards. I found this awesome $1 wood grain stamp. But as I found out, it almost covered the cards I bought. But 2% was unstamped and no matter what I tried afterward, it looked funny trying to cover it. So I ended up just leaving the blank space.

Boring things that had to get done today:

-got candles and pore strips at target(I NEVER get pimples…except when stressed, so you can guess how lovely my face looks)

-dropped off ribbon + locket at Helen Olivia Florist’s. Nat ordered me a bunny locket to go in my boquet so I can put my Dad’s picture in the locket.

– tied ribbon on the #$%%^&^&* sticks for the aisle again. Note to self and fellow bloggers, satin ribbon must be double knotted. Do not try and just tie it on, they will fall off and you will double knot all the branches again.

– made appointment for waxing on Wed. at Aveda

– found out Aveda Institute is full on Saturday, so we can’t get our 40’s hair done there. I should have thought about that sooner, d’oh!

– found earrings to go with Natalie’s grandma’s necklace she will be wearing. I love that Nat gets to wear family jewelry!

Rabbi Fred
September 13, 2008, 2:12 pm
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I have heard so many unpleasant stories about brides and their officiants. Mostly it’s from brides who never really met their officiant before the wedding. I come out on the other end.

Natalie and I belong to Adat Shalom, a reconstructionst synagogue in Bethesda MD. I have been working with Rabbi Fred for 2 1/2 years on my conversion- which happened 2 weeks ago. He is one of the funniest, most well educated rabbi’s ever. He specializes in ecology and feminism, so obviously he’s already a hit. Talking with him in the least several years and going to synagogue has been so special and I’m so glad we found someone like him to be our officiant.

We have had several meetings about the wedding and he is always so excited. I get more excited about the wedding just talking to him! I know that whatever he says that day will be so personal and so reflective that I’ll probably cry a river.

I would totally recommend not picking a rabbi or whatever out of a hat to officiate your day. Start going to churches or synagogues in your area and listen to them. Find someone who has similar views as you and establish a rock solid relationship. Go to events they host. Set up meetings just to talk. If they have kids, all the better, get to know them too.

Going through the conversion process and the wedding process has really drawn me very close to my community at Adat Shalom. I have a huge group of people who are so supportive and cheering me on. Especially when I can not get “legally” married here in DC, having that commitment be confirmed by a large group of people who take it seriously is very important.

I’m not worried at all about the ceremony because I know Rabbi Fred will make it so amazing. I trust him so much. I’m so touched he will be able to do our wedding- he is truely an amazing man. I can’t imagine having a stranger be in charge of such an important moment.

Choose an officant who means something to you. It’s worth it.