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Poll: LGBT vendor review/list website, is it needed?
December 2, 2008, 9:57 pm
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pro-LGBT vendors
December 1, 2008, 1:36 am
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I have written before about how important it is to go with vendors who are not just gay-friendly, but actually pro-gay. Meaning it’s in their portfolio, they actively seek gay clientel, or are somehow promoting same-sex marriage and people.

I am always reading Miss Gingerbread’s blog and saw her do a post on pro-gay vendors. Guess who was included and totally feels honored? Moi! I actually was giddy and did a little cheer. I then immediatly read about all the other amazing vendors.

I feel all those ‘gay wedding websites’ out there stink. Either the vendors are totally random or they are outdated. Sooooo I’m thinking about starting a website with wedding vendors that are cool, pro-lgbt, and are doing great work. The vendors would be screened to make sure they are 100% lgbt friendly and there would be no dues, so it would be an even playing field. I was thinking a blog-style website with interviews with the vendors, the ability for people to review the vendors, and a place that actually is up to date on good vendors for us cool gay people 😉

What do you think? Is a website dedicated to pro-gay vendors needed? What would you include? What should be avoided?


P.S How cute is this couple? They found me on the knot and hired me to do family shots. And their daughter is too sweet!

No more Miss Nice Gay
November 24, 2008, 3:30 pm
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I have never felt more angry than after Prop 8 passing. Thinking about it gets me all fired up and just plain pissed. Which is why I was happy to read about Dan Wentzel feeling like he’s tired of being Mr. Nice Gay Guy. I let homophobic stuff slide all the time, telling myself that it’s not the time/place/person/rude and to let it go. Nuhuh. No more. I’m f*cking sick of being treated like a second class citizen thankyouverymuch.

I often glance around before kissing my wife to make sure no old ladies will get offended or shocked. Forget that! I don’t correct people sometimes when they ask if Natalie and I are sisters, I just say we live together if I feel even the littlest of nervous. F that!

For example, I was at a Wizard’s game on Friday night because Natalie’s company gave us seats. Yay! So of course they have the kiss cam, where they zoom in on heterosexual people and prompt them to kiss. I was waving my hands like a mad woman trying to get them to fouc on us- no such luck. But what got me steaming was after focusing on 9 or 10 hetro couples, they zoom in on the opposing team to try and get the basketball guys to kiss. Haha, they think, let’s embarrass the opposing team by using an old gay joke. Ha! Boy’s kissing! Haha!

While it pissed me off, stuff like that happens everyday. So I let it slide. But after reading the article in the Post, I’m going to write the Verizon center and try to talk to the head of the Wizards(since I know someone who knows him). I’m tired of this shit.

No one is going to stomp on this lesbian lady anymore. So be it if I’m known as the touchy bitch who can’t take a homo joke. I’m sick of it. I have been the nice lesbian who let’s a lot go because she’s afraid of rocking the boat. But take my rights AWAY?? Now you got me pissed off. Now I see that we are in for a long and ugly fight.

I still read Wedding Bee even after it sold to E-Harmony. No more. I respected and read blogs of photographers who refuse to photograph same-sex couples. No more. I will have lots of little changes in my behavior…and maybe I can finally wake up some straight people to realize I don’t want to eat your children and sodomize them. I just want to marry my damn wife legally so Nat, me and our future kids are 100% protected. Is that really so radical???

EDIT: After getting a comment about the comments on Dan’s article, I went over to read a few. I think my head almost exploded in anger. THIS is why we have to fight harder than ever.

I’m so disgusted
October 16, 2008, 7:09 pm
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As some of you know, I have started my own wedding photography buisness. So I joined a flickr group that encourages and helps other photographs who are starting their own wedding photography business.

Yesterday, the topic of “would you shoot a gay wedding” appeared. I followed it like a hawk knowing there was going to be some bad stuff going down. I tried to argue in a calm, rational manner. I tried to swallow the ‘it’s against my morals’, ‘it’s a sin’, stuff coming from a lot of photographers. Then the craziness ensued and gay people were compared to pedophiles- and I went bat shit pissed. People then tried to defend said statement by saying in other cultures, they have different ethics that become ‘normal’. So gay people becoming ‘normal’ is like pedophilia becoming normal in some cultures.

I forgot how conservative a vast majority of wedding photographers are. Some of us are not, but a big whopping majority of wedding photographers are. In my first internship I had to deal with the photographer making jokes about the groomsmen hugging “Don’t get too close there!”

So this is my call to all you amazing brides/grooms out there reading this. Ask your photographer straight up if they would photograph a gay wedding. Ask them why it isn’t in their portfolio. Only do business with photographs who blatantly support gay marriage.

Big pink tutu
August 26, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Ellen and Portia De Rossi got married- and their photos rock. I love Portia’s dress, that big tutu skirt is totally something I would go for. They look so happy, which of course forced me to buy a copy of People so I could “awwww” in bed next to Natalie about how cute they were. And how cute we will be. It’s a whole lot of lesbian cuteness and dreams.

Plus they had their wedding at their home with a bijillion pets. Such lesbians. 🙂

Gay? Ok!
May 16, 2008, 1:35 pm
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Sorry about that. I just can’t help but be excited that California just legalized Gay Marriage. The second state to do so, they are letting anyone, not just state residents, go to the wedding chapel. I’m considering buying a plane ticket and going to photograph the first marriages performed, but I’m photographing a wedding that weekend! So maybe the next weekend I could go and get off work.

Either way, I’m so so so thrilled.

Sue and Sam

This lovely couple met online too! And the proposal was in Provincetown, where Natalie and I got my ring. *sniff* I love them already. And their photos are fab- such a lovely wedding. The little brown and blue details like the cake with dots is perfect. All pictures are from Strut Photography. And go visit Sam and Sue’s knot bio for detail information.

I’m sorry for the funny photo sizing- not my doing, the photographer had it this way on his blog.