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Our lovely abode
May 27, 2009, 1:44 am
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So it’s for real. The house is ours. We actually have the key. Natalie met with a contractor. PINCH me.


Here’s our living room ‘mood board’. We just bought the pottery barn moorish rug on sale and with a gift certificate we had. We have a 3 seater ikea sofa that’s in latte brown, an olive crate and barrel nailhead wingback chair(that is not leather! I promise, I just hada hard time finding a similar chair), and two west elm cubes we use as a coffee table together. We chose wild aster as the pain for the room because:


Making it lovely used it in her living room and I heart it!!

Closing time
May 18, 2009, 8:01 pm
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So yes. We are closing on our FIRST HOUSE. I honestly need a bag to carry around and scream in everytime I think about it. So freaking exciting!

So we are having a huge yard sale. We are selling 1/4 of our stuff and a bunch of Nat’s parents stuff. I’m not sure our yard can hold it all but we will try. Two couches, an armoire, dozens of books, cabinets, tables…it’s hard to part with all this but I really envision a clean house with not too much stuff. I we moved with everything we have now the house would be like an overstuffed green pepper.

For the living room we happened to be in Pottery Barn trying to spend our $100 gift certificate we still had from our wedding and Natalie fell in love with their Moorish Tile Rug. It was on sale. But we had to ship it from NYC because everyone else was out! We got it in espresso.


And I have found our living room paint color:


Yes, pink! I saw this room on Making it Lovely and knew that I *must* paint a room pink before I die. So the living room it was.

Table Cards
May 12, 2009, 9:21 pm
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I finally blogged about my table seat cards. I loved them! Read all about it:

Getting off the ride
May 4, 2009, 2:08 pm
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So I guess some people share a lot more than others on the internet. But honestly, why would I hide anything? I hate the blogs I read where they seem so perfect it makes me want to take a fork to the screen or myself because ‘I’m not like them’. Pffff. They are so far from perfect, it’s just a facade.

I’m far from perfect. And this week was a reminder in that. When my father died suddenly when I was 18, my anxiety shot through the roof. A panic attack disorder that had always bothered me became a full blown problem- me having panic attacks at work and hiding in the bathroom in embarrassment, etc. So I went to a therapist to get some help and was put on Effexor. Effexor did the trick- it didn’t wipe out my anxiety disorder but it did help a lot. Because I couldn’t afford a real therapist, I actually enrolled in a resident program at GW where you get cheap therapy and the residents get patients. So I bounced around a little to different therapist for the next couple years and somehow landed at Dr. Book last year. He wanted to take me off Effexor because I felt I was at a much different place and felt I didn’t need it anymore. So fast forward to last week, the week I would go off Effexor. He did tell me there would be some side effects and put me of Prozac to help buffer the problems.  Little did I know…wed. night I felt a little weird. Thursday I woke up and was completely taken aback. I couldn’t get up because the room was spinning and I was nauseous. I literally fell asleep after panicking for 5 minutes and telling Natalie what was happening and didn’t wake up for hours. Friday- same deal. Saturday, I forced myself to get a wedding edit done, and tried to go out but after an hour, Nat took me home and I fell asleep.

And as horrible as this was- it was on our anniversary. But the paradox actually made me feel incredible special. I couldn’t do a thing and here Natalie was cleaning, feeding, and totally taking care of everything for me. I know when things get bad Natalie will be right there. She helped me through my panic attacks and helped me get off the medicine that helped stop them.

So I’m at 80% right now, the room still likes to spin but I’m actually eating again. So I’m trying to think of something amazing to do for Natalie. I had wanted to make a big heart banner for our anniversary and drape it over the door- but with all this rain I’m glad I didn’t.

What was the sweetest thing you have done for an anniversary?

P.S. I got my WHCC book in that I made for Shyia and it rocks! Here’s what the first page looked like: