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April 16, 2008, 8:08 pm
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There is a lot of stuff to take in and organize when your a bride, and it can feel like info overload.

Here is what I use to help keep all my info together:

At home:

  • I use devonthink, a info management software, to store everything. Bookmarks, scans from magazines, business cards, info on vendors, the works. Once you set up a hierarchy of folders and categories, it can even automatically file things in proper folders.
  • To get the most out of my devonthink, I use my ScanSnap S510M to scan everything. I do mean everything. I cut out all inspiration magazine pages and zip it through this scanner. It takes about 10 seconds to do one page using the highest quality setting. Then I can search for it easily in my devonthink later. I also scan all my contracts, business cards, brainstorming on paper, every single thing.  This scanner does cost $$$ but it has virtually eliminated any paper clutter I have and made my life so much easier. Especially with a future wife who wants to be an academic. You can’t imagine the amount of paper.
  • I use ical for my calendar. Everything must go in here, because if it’s not in there, I will not do it. I can keep track of everything in my ical on the go using the itouch.
  • Gmail, how I love thee. This is the best email application ever. I adore it. It also runs my to do list using Jott(more on that later).
  • Part of gmail is my google reader. It lets me view all my favorite blogs on one website. Amazing. So I don’t have to have all 100 of the blogs I read and click each blog link. It just loads up new blog posts onto my google reader.

On the go:

  • Jott. You must sign up for Jott. Sign up, program your jott # into your speed dial, and watch your life change. Basically this converts your words into text. I have ADHD and some learning disabilities, so having text is key for me to remember something. You can tell me “call the florist” 400 times and I will not do it. My brain has a hard time processing audio. So I call Jott with anything I need to do. Jott then emails me a text of whatever I just spoke into the phone. I then archive in gmail under label Jott. Then, using my itouch, I can see a current to-do list whenever I want. I know you must be saying, holy shit, why doesn’t she just write it down? Because I can jott to-do’s while I’m walking to the metro, standing in line, before class, anywhere at anytime. It takes me maybe 10 seconds. And then I have a hard copy of it forever. I can’t loose it.
  • itouch. I use an itouch because the iphone doesn’t have verizon service. It keeps track on my ical calendar, jott to-do, hold my inspiration pics to show vendors, holds my contacts, lets me check my email anywhere almost, and has a timer which I use constantly(so I keep on track and don’t hyperfocus on one thing).

Hope this helps give you guys an idea of how to better manage the millions of ideas floating out there for weddings.


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I like the pink lemonade theme…

Comment by My

thanx a lot for this blog…i read about this topics every day…and i am curios to find out more 🙂

Comment by Romanian Girl

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