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Let’s here it for my dress store
July 29, 2008, 8:17 pm
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Guess which store was voted best bridal salon in DC? That’s right, I do I do!

I totally concur. Good job I Do I Do, you totally deserve the award.

Me in the store. I did not know about it until going to a mac store on the same street- which explains my sweatshirt.

Hellooo? Killer prices. Killer staff. They saved my a$$ when my first dress got ruined by water. They were amazing. Thinking of my experience makes me misty eyed because I loved them so much.


Sticky Fingers
July 27, 2008, 4:02 pm
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I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease since I was 16. I’m not one of the those celiac’s who cheats, I get waaaaaay to sick to even think about ever eating gluten again.

So 8 years ago when I went to the grocery store, even whole foods, I could not find gluten free goodies. It was depressing and really hard to eat. When I hit 18-19 people started coming around. I could go online and order a few gluten free cookies. And then my little heart did a dance when Sticky Fingers said they would start carrying gluten free cupcakes. The first gluten free bakery in the city of DC. I went in immediately and sunk into heaven. Vegan gluten free chocolate cupcakes to die over. The kind you remember your mom made as a kid- sweet and fluffy and yummy. I got a dozen cupcakes for each birthday for a few years. They used to be located in the area between Dupont and Adams Morgan, hard to spot from the street and even harder to squeeze yourself into the shop. Always nice, they served vegan ice cream in the summer, something you had to sometimes wait for as all the vegans flocked over as soon as June hit.

Now they moved to the hip new Columbia Heights with a giant shop to boot. I’m not a vegan but any time I can avoid eating animal products, I love to. They now have a little snack corner with list of ingredients on all their packages(oh bless them). The pink and brown walls make for a super cheery shop. I’m totally going there to do my photo edits on my laptop- they have free wifi and I can munch of yummy food, hello!

So we had our tasting there last Friday. Kamber Sherrod is the wedding consultant- and damn do I love her. Our table had a little reserved sign on it and out bounced Kamber. She was so nice walking us through the options and let us eat our cupcakes and talk for 15 min alone. It was bliss. On the spot we signed a contract even though we had thought about Cake Love(Nat’s best friend even works there)- but I liked the fact my cupcakes could be gluten free AND vegan(furthering my goal of carbon neutral wedding!!). And they taste sooooo good. I’m a bigger fan of sticky fingers cupcake taste- Cake Love is too much for my sensitive tummy. Too much sugar and butter. But Sticky Fingers has it spot on.

From left to right: Chocolate with chocolate icing, chocolate with chocolate icing and raspberry filing, spice cake with vanilla icing with coconut, and chocolate with chocolate ganache.

So we ended up thinking we will get 125 cupcakes and their cupcake stand(which is $45 and they will cover it with fabric or paper of your choice, yes, another DIY project delegated!)

I would 100% go with Sticky Fingers if your in the DC metro area- and don’t worry, unless you tell your guests they will never ever know they are eating a vegan cupcake. So all that animal lard + milk + factory farming ingredients are out of the list.

Necklace or not
July 25, 2008, 7:35 pm
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VS no necklace

As you can see my veil came in and I found this amazing necklace. So I tried the whole shabang on and my mom gave me this ‘ehhhh…yuk’ look. Just what you want to see as a daughter. I love the necklace but my mom hates it- I want my mom to love my look but….well, I can’t decided.


that’s right
July 22, 2008, 3:10 am
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Yes folks. I spent my weekend- and my moms, Natalie, my grandmother, and Kate’s weekend doing our invites. Ohhhhh they are hot. Finished photos coming soon!!

Tea for two?
July 18, 2008, 3:52 pm
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We are having a pre-wedding tea party. Basically it will be a time to dress up and hang out with all our guests with no expectations. Here’s the mock-up for the invite for the tea party that would be included in the invitations.

July 17, 2008, 5:31 pm
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Oh my god, the amount of crap you accumulate for a wedding is unbelievable. Where do I put it all? And the gifts have not even started coming.

So yesterday we went to Dutch Farm Nursery in Fredrick, MD. They had tons of exotic plants which was what I’m looking for. I got:

  • 5 ferns
  • A kick ass scarlet coleus plant
  • A few Hens & Chicks
  • 2 bags of sand
  • Succulent fertilizer
  • A bag of soil

This means I actually have to make those 10 terrariums. *gulp*

Here’s inspiration I have been collecting for, oh, a year.

From brides(?) magazine

from flickr

from Wee Garden

The famous Michelle Rago

Paula Hayes, google her

Better Homes & Gardens

Arranging these suckers is very daunting. I don’t do arranging. I need proper height, spacing, and more. Ek!

Pet Peeve- balloon release
July 12, 2008, 7:21 pm
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I’m trying to have a carbon-neutral wedding. I’m a green freak. And an animal freak.

So there is nothing that jabs me the wrong way like a bride who doesn’t think of the impact of her actions on someone other than her. Cue the post at the wonderful blog Snippet & Ink. The bride let loose hundreds of balloons. I read that and flipped. I can just imagine all the birds and sea creatures strangling on her lovely white balloons and dieing. Now, this bride did not plan it so I would not consider it a crime- but she did let it happen.

photo from snippet & ink blog

I was bridesmaid for a wedding and they released balloons as the couple walked down the aisle. Uhoh. I did not know this was going to happen so I promptly felt torn as to whether to run and catch them all or stay in my “place” at the alter. So I did stay put only because I knew I could never catch the balloons but started crying against my will thinking of all the animals and plants it would kill. I’m sure that looked great in the photos- but you can see I’m a total bleeding heart when it comes to the environment.

So please please stop this stupid wedding practice.