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No more Miss Nice Gay
November 24, 2008, 3:30 pm
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I have never felt more angry than after Prop 8 passing. Thinking about it gets me all fired up and just plain pissed. Which is why I was happy to read about Dan Wentzel feeling like he’s tired of being Mr. Nice Gay Guy. I let homophobic stuff slide all the time, telling myself that it’s not the time/place/person/rude and to let it go. Nuhuh. No more. I’m f*cking sick of being treated like a second class citizen thankyouverymuch.

I often glance around before kissing my wife to make sure no old ladies will get offended or shocked. Forget that! I don’t correct people sometimes when they ask if Natalie and I are sisters, I just say we live together if I feel even the littlest of nervous. F that!

For example, I was at a Wizard’s game on Friday night because Natalie’s company gave us seats. Yay! So of course they have the kiss cam, where they zoom in on heterosexual people and prompt them to kiss. I was waving my hands like a mad woman trying to get them to fouc on us- no such luck. But what got me steaming was after focusing on 9 or 10 hetro couples, they zoom in on the opposing team to try and get the basketball guys to kiss. Haha, they think, let’s embarrass the opposing team by using an old gay joke. Ha! Boy’s kissing! Haha!

While it pissed me off, stuff like that happens everyday. So I let it slide. But after reading the article in the Post, I’m going to write the Verizon center and try to talk to the head of the Wizards(since I know someone who knows him). I’m tired of this shit.

No one is going to stomp on this lesbian lady anymore. So be it if I’m known as the touchy bitch who can’t take a homo joke. I’m sick of it. I have been the nice lesbian who let’s a lot go because she’s afraid of rocking the boat. But take my rights AWAY?? Now you got me pissed off. Now I see that we are in for a long and ugly fight.

I still read Wedding Bee even after it sold to E-Harmony. No more. I respected and read blogs of photographers who refuse to photograph same-sex couples. No more. I will have lots of little changes in my behavior…and maybe I can finally wake up some straight people to realize I don’t want to eat your children and sodomize them. I just want to marry my damn wife legally so Nat, me and our future kids are 100% protected. Is that really so radical???

EDIT: After getting a comment about the comments on Dan’s article, I went over to read a few. I think my head almost exploded in anger. THIS is why we have to fight harder than ever.

Recap: Couple’s portraits, take one
November 21, 2008, 3:34 pm
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So we finally are dressed and ready to go. One thing we did to save money was to sleep ing the room the night before and sleep at home the wedding night. But I forgot one major thing. I needed to get all the crap out of the room right after getting in my wedding dress. I had not packed. At all. So everyone just grabbed stuff. It was a little stressful and we forgot a lot of stuff(but the staff kept it all for us to pick up the next day).

So as Kate, my mom, Emma, Marie and Lauren exited Hotel Monoco with giant bags of stuff, Michael led us to various locals inside the hotel for couple shots. What I had been waiting for! As I’m a photographer, I’m always the one with the camera. So we have very very very few pictures of Natalie and I together. I wanted our wedding day to be a couple picture extraveganza- and it was!


Us in the hotel room still.


Those white stairs make my photo side drool. Love them.



Then it was on to the bad ass halls. Be still my interior design freak heart.


One thing I did not think of- your wedding dress if mother f*cking heavy! So it’s hard to stand straight. But unless your standing straight, you look like a slub in your pics. So have your photog remind you to stand straight. Michael did, bless his heart, and made me look fab. And don’t worry about smiling. I’m super self consious about my teeth because I have had braces twice and it didn’t work. I still have buck teeth. But I was so damn happy that day, it never even crossed my mind not to smile. I was in happy land.



Being the photog I am, I hate when I look at bride’s photos and see the train of their gown all f’d up in pictures. So I went to straighten Nat’s gown and Michael was like “Don’t MOVE!” And he captured this. I have to say, this is one of my fav pics. Me taking care of my wife. I love it.


Vendor review:

  • Hotel Monaco A- I loved this hotel from pictures I had seen and knew it had to be where I got ready. We slept the night before in our hotel because this place is not cheap. At $360 a night, I felt a little sick knowing it was half my rent money but the pictures were totally worth it. We did forget a ton of stuff in the room and every single little item was put in bag for us to pick up later. I was so happy with them!


Vendor Review

  • Michael Bonfigli– A+++++ As you know, I have my BFA in fine art photography. So to say I’m a picky lady when it comes to photographs is an understatement. Which is why I spent 25% of my budget on photography. It really was worth it to me and I would do it again in a heart beat. I had interned with Michael for a year and knew he would be amazing. And of course he was!!! I cry when I look at my pictures. He got everything right. He is a true photojournalist. At one point during dinner my Rabbi was speaking and I scanned the room for Michael and did not see him. I was upset he wasn’t getting those photos. But when he delivered the photos, there was my Rabbi’s peech. He was just that unobtrusive! He got everything. Ladies, spend the $$$$ on your photog because you will have these photos forever. I am so glad I found such an artist to capture my day.

Order from Ann Taylor for your bridesmaids?
November 18, 2008, 11:39 pm
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If you were thinking about ordering your bridemaids dresses online at Ann Taylor, you might want to think again. A bride ordered dresses in two sizes, as a lot of us do, to have her girls try them on. Only when they came, she found out she could not return them because they were on final sale! Though the bride’s invoice says otherwise, Ann Taylor says they were on final sale- so no returns.


Read the full story here.

Beau Paper
November 18, 2008, 8:53 pm
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Remember our awesome monogram made for us by Beau Paper?

Well she got married herself!



I ❤ the fish charm.








Their photographer was Anthony Duca.

Baby ness
November 17, 2008, 8:43 pm
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How cute is this baby? I promise this blog will not turn into a baby blog- you gotta wait at least 3 years for that. But this is my 10 month old niece who is positively adorable and the sweetest little one.

As a suprise, I bought her a tutu and did a photoshoot between rain showers. Not too many smiles because it was nap time- but still, adorable! I totally recommend having babies at your wedding- with tutus.


Babies + Tutus + Wedding = Barfingly cute

Tip #3: Don’t hold it in
November 10, 2008, 1:17 am
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Since starting my wedding photo business, I have hung around brides their whole wedding day. My packages are unlimited coverage so I usually stay for 13 hours- so I see the whole day. And even if you don’t think you will cry, most likely, at one little moment, you will. Or at least tear up. Maybe you don’t want to ruin your makeup or maybe you want to keep your reputation as tough girl so you try not to cry. Don’t!!

Do not hold in your tears! Let it go!

Why? Because otherwise you’ll have the ugly cry. Ohh, it’s bad. It’s the scrunched up face you make when your trying not to fall apart so you smush your eyes together, your nose wrinkles…it’s not pretty. Besides, crying makes awesome photos- and it never ruins your makeup if you get it done professionally.

I cried. I almost did not make it through my reading- Natalie was thinking about taking the children’s book away and reading it herself. I love those photos. I cried at our last dance. Um…let’s see. I cried a lot. It was just the most amazing day, the emotions running through me were so intense. And I just relaxed and let myself have a moment to cry, to let go. And did my makeup budge? No. Did I feel like a wimp? No. Was I shocked at how amazing that day was? Yes.


Mrs.Lovebug via Weddingbee(who was a goregous bride btw)

More recap: Getting ready part 3, the dresses come on
November 6, 2008, 1:42 am
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As you can see, the flowers arrived and were perfect. Another small detail was the locket attached to my bouquet. Natalie ordered it from ETSY and it had a rabbit on front. Inside, I wanted to honor my father who had passed away but I wanted to do it in a very personal, and not public way. So I got to hold my father’s memory in my hands all day, hoping he could see that day, wherever he is. There are so many cliches when honoring a dead parent and even though the locket seemed like one, it felt very very meaningful.


More flower shots later, I wanted to show the locket and how it was attached using the blue ribbon.


Getting on the dress. Natalie had to have all 4 of us hold it and try to get it on!


This is when the one thing that did fluster me all day happened. As Natalie’s mom was helping put Natalie in the dress, her lipstick got on the dress. Like, a lot. My heart fluttered and I did get mildly upset. It was bright red and really really apparent. So we got club soda and tide to go pens and it did not help at all. So at that point I was a little unhappy and nervous. Looking back at it, it was so stupid for me to get upset but I was. Thankfully, Natalie’s dress had flowers we had to pin to it so we covered the huge stain with some careful pinning. But ladies DO NOT LET ANYONE WITH MAKEUP NEAR YOUR DRESS. When you need help putting it on, get the girls without makeup to help you. Most girls do not have the advantage of flowers to hide stains. And nothing gets rid of makeup stains.



Somehow, Natalie was chill the whole time, not getting the least bit upset. And later on, many many things happened to both our dresses(like chicken satay stains, dirt, a dress got a hole in it).


My dress was so easy to put on. I just stepped in it and BOOM. It was on! And then Emma and Marie zipped me up. Tada!


As you can see, I was so happy when that dress went on. I was thinking “I’m a bride. OMG, today I’m getting married.”



For all you brides out there – you will not put on your own shoes on your wedding day. No how. No way. You just can’t bend that much in a super tailored, super big dress. So friends to the rescue! And I loved my shoes.


I had a few people ask me if they were hand painted shoes. Uh, no, do I look like I want to spend $54000 on shoes? They were from DSW for $35.


Then my famous drop veil went on. May I say, I freakin loooooooved my drop veil. It was so simple and I loved it. It ended up being from the veil shop, a 130 inch fingertip length oval. We attached it using bun pins, those u shaped pins, and sticking them in the top of my bun.



Natalie’s ears are sensitive. As you can see from this photo, $7 earrings hurt like a biotch to put in. I did get a tip later saying you should coat it in clear nail polish so your ears won’t touch the cheap metal.


I love getting ready together because in half the photos you can see the other one watching. I’m looking at Natalie, just loving every minute.


Natalie got an angel cut veil with a blusher from I Do I Do. She thought long and hard about wearing a veil but ended up wearing one for Jewish tradition. I was super happy she did and she was too. She just looked stunning with it on.


I love this photo because it’s right after we are finished getting ready and I think both of us look like “Is this for real??!?!?! Wow!!!”

Moooore to come…next post will be the exiting of the hotel room and tons and tons of coupel shots. Woohoo!

November 4, 2008, 2:21 pm
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Living in DC, I have a political sickness called I-watch-too-much-CNN-itis.

So today you must all vote!!! Go out there and vote!! I don’t care for who(well, really, I do) but go do it.

Recap lives on: Getting ready part 2
November 2, 2008, 9:37 pm
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So as I said, Emma and Marie are the bad-ass bridesmaids that never were. We loooooved having our best friends get ready there with us. They helped us put on shoes, dresses, everything. They, however, looked smashing since they did not have to wear ‘bridemaids’ outfits. Being a bridesmaid can be no fun so why not just have your friends hang out with you and enjoy the day?

I can not say enough about these girls. I love them more than anything. I would do anything for them. For them to be there- amazing. I felt so damn loved!

Natalie getting her makeup done.

Here is one of our first details. Natalie is holding, and wore, her maternal grandmother’s necklace. Her mom’s side of the family was not very well off, and her mother has a few pieces of jewelry from her. This necklace is a glass necklace from her. It’s not diamonds people, but it’s gorgeous. And it meant so much to her.

This is me after getting 1/2 my makeup done and my hair done. I honestly felt like the hottest bride EVER. I felt so h-o-t-t hott. Which is why….

I gave Jamie a huge hug. They were so nice and incredible!!!

  • My first vendor review: Baltimore Hair & Makeup A+++++ Did I mention I love these women?? Look at that photo! I’m so happy I could run around and do jumping jacks. They were fast, incredibly flexible, totally affordable and most important WONDERFUL people. We got 2 brides, 2 moms and a sister done by them and would totally hire them again. All our makeup and hair stayed all night. In fact, my mom left her hair in for 5 days she loved it that much. And it stayed!!

This is a shot of Jamie putting in my hair piece that I literally obsessed over. Did I want a flower? A big poofy flower? Feathers? I finally settled on this vintage brooch that was turned into a hair piece by Belcanto.

I’m a huge girly-girl and loved the sparkle. Oh it sparkled! It was such a perfect find. And not heavy. Jamie did put in 3 bobby pins to make sure that sucker stayed.

This is us getting to share our excitement that this was really happening. I could not get over how lovely Natalie looked. She looked like a real bride. My bride 🙂

Coming on tuesday- the freaking dresses, finally.