Two Brides

Big pink tutu
August 26, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Ellen and Portia De Rossi got married- and their photos rock. I love Portia’s dress, that big tutu skirt is totally something I would go for. They look so happy, which of course forced me to buy a copy of People so I could “awwww” in bed next to Natalie about how cute they were. And how cute we will be. It’s a whole lot of lesbian cuteness and dreams.

Plus they had their wedding at their home with a bijillion pets. Such lesbians. 🙂


Invite close ups
August 25, 2008, 4:43 pm
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So here are some better pictures of my invites.

Red envelopes! I loved them, so dramatic. Plus with the sticker I didn’t have to write my address 100 times.

The view as you slide the suckers out.

August 22, 2008, 12:29 pm
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I got a bunch of samples from wedding paper diva which I LOVE! Here’s a sneak peak:

RSVP now
August 22, 2008, 12:24 pm
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Ok. My life is in total and utter chaos. I have one month to go. ONE MONTH. Please commence panic.

Our RSVP date has come and gone and I would say about 60% of guests actually sent in their rsvp card. Um, hello, I freakin hand screenprinted you an invite and you can’t check off a box and put a piece of paper in the mail? It’s even stamped and ready to come back home. I told Natalie that if people can’t send me an RSVP card they can send their invite back because I loooove my invites, have none left to photograph(due to a miscount, and I’m so upset about) and would like some damn courtesy. I grew up in Virgina, did the junior cotillion, learned how to wear white gloves and wait for punch….So I damn well better get an RSVP card.

Fit me in
August 16, 2008, 12:19 am
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So I had my first fitting at I Do I Do and was very happy to find out I needed very minimal changes to my dress. Just a little tuck and nip to keep my strapless top close my chest and hemming. But also the bustle. I had not thought at all about the bustle. But the first one they showed me I loved- the American bustle. It’s the one where it basically gets pinned to your butt, very romantic. Natalie is getting the French bustle which is tucked under. And Nat’s dress is on it’s way here to DC as we speak because we had to cancel our trip to Florida after our dear kitty ended up in the hospital for a few days and needs some super TLC(oh, we are such lesbians).

FYI, book your alterations person waaaay in advance. I had no idea that it was this hard to find someone to alter Nat’s dress when you don’t have a store(her dress was bought in FL and is being shipped to DC). So we have to go with an independent one and it seems everyone is booked.

the bustle!

And our only bridesmaid, Lauren, getting her vintage va va voom dress fitted.

Little Zee is our cat(We did NOT name him)- he has a heart murmur, renal failure, and pancreatitis. Plus three legs. So when he started acting funny we took him on in to my hospital, he ended up staying for a few days scaring us to death with his acute renal failure(hopefully not end stage!!!). So say a kitty prayer for Little to get all better.

FYI: Bang on the head? salon
August 11, 2008, 11:30 pm
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So I called Bang Salon, the verizon center one(the other one slaughtered my hair 2 years ago), and spoke to the receptionist. Or should I say, someone who had no clue what they were doing.

I show up for my scheduled hair trial with Nikki, the owner, only to have her figure out: 1. Bang does not open till 11am so it’s too late for me to have my hair done 2. they didn’t check to see if Nikki worked that day

So Nikki apologizes and catches this error before I fork over $50 for a hair trail I could not use. So was sweet and says there are new people working the desk. Um, I understand small mistakes but this is kinda a biggie. So FYI: if you call Bang salon, do not not not trust what the receptionist says and ask to talk to another one to confirm and get names!!! In the scheme of things, not a biggie, except I emailed other hair people and no one is responding. So I’m pissed I wait for my trial with Bang only to be stuck in a ‘shit, who’s going to do my hair?!?!’ situation.

I did find two people open- out of the 8 I emailed. But Bang has really disappointed me and put me in a catch up/stress out situation.

Baltimore Makeup
August 11, 2008, 2:52 pm
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Things are going fast. Only 41 more days. So last week we got our makeup trial which I was so excited about. I couldn’t wait to actually see what I would look like on my big day. So we drove past B-more and visited Megan at Baltimore Bridal Makeup.

I loved her little set up room in her basement. Nice and clean. Plus her dog hung out with us as Megan went to work on Natalie. She really wanted a super clean but up a notch look. Megan did wonders on her, I totally loved it and secretly wished to be better at makeup. I then got my trial and looooved the soft romantic look. I felt like I was going to a Cinderella dance or something. I felt so glam. Score!

Natalie hates other people touching her face- so she braved this out.

Megan’s adorable little dog watched the whole thing, he was so cute.

Natalie went for a super natural look, which she loves. Look how hot she is 🙂

I went for super romantic. Excuse my funny pout face. Natalie kept saying ‘Don’t pout!!!’ But I’m not used to being in FRONT of the camera. Ekk!

I think I’m going to get fake eyelashes, I love that super long eyelash look with eyeliner. I’m also going to ask for only a smigin of black liner on the bottom corners instead of the whole bottom. I heart heart this look.

I didn’t have time to do real nice photos of us 😦 We were running late and I had to get to work. But you get the idea! Email Megan to find out more, she’s super sweet, affordable, and really good.