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Closing time
May 18, 2009, 8:01 pm
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So yes. We are closing on our FIRST HOUSE. I honestly need a bag to carry around and scream in everytime I think about it. So freaking exciting!

So we are having a huge yard sale. We are selling 1/4 of our stuff and a bunch of Nat’s parents stuff. I’m not sure our yard can hold it all but we will try. Two couches, an armoire, dozens of books, cabinets, tables…it’s hard to part with all this but I really envision a clean house with not too much stuff. I we moved with everything we have now the house would be like an overstuffed green pepper.

For the living room we happened to be in Pottery Barn trying to spend our $100 gift certificate we still had from our wedding and Natalie fell in love with their Moorish Tile Rug. It was on sale. But we had to ship it from NYC because everyone else was out! We got it in espresso.


And I have found our living room paint color:


Yes, pink! I saw this room on Making it Lovely and knew that I *must* paint a room pink before I die. So the living room it was.


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