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March 26, 2009, 3:08 pm
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My life is kinda in total chaos right now. With the launch of So You’re EnGAYged, I have waaay more stuff to do. Plus, I just gave my two weeks notice to my vet job because it was becoming a nightmare. I love my hospital, I have worked there almost 4 years, but the organization is just having serious management issues and is handling employees like criminals, not people who care about their job. It’s sad, but I just felt like no one cared how much I cared- just making a list of mini mistakes I made. So that has me feeling way down. I loved my job and the animals. But enough is enough.

We are also moving to New Haven, CT since Natalie picked Yale. So we are looking at houses, which I’m thrilled about. But poor Nat is nervous- and so am I- about moving to a whole new place.

I feel a little bit like I’m floating out here with nothing trying me to the earth. My job, my location, everything it seems is in flux. I’m trying to realize it’s all going to settle down come September, but I’m anxious honestly.


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Hang in there! Being busy is a sign towards great success! And once you’re in CT and settled in, you and Natalie will feel wonderful. Sometimes change is really good.

Best of luck to you both!

Comment by christina

Deep breaths. Can I buy you a massage? 🙂 There’s a great place in Old Town!!

Comment by Lara

You’re moving? She’s going to YALE!? That’s big stuff!

I know it seems all very disentangled from what you’re used to, but somethings change (aka chaos) leads to feeling much more grounded. Because when things settle out… they will settle beautifully!

Comment by Jen

Congrats on your launch and life changes..I love your site…beautifully done!

Comment by Stephani Morris

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