Two Brides

January 27, 2009, 4:24 pm
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So after the Ketubah signing it was time for the big event- the ceremony.


Natalie and I got our parasols ready for action. Now what I didn’t think of before is- how can I hold my mom’s hand holding a  bouquet and a parasol. Um. You can’t. So it ended up our mothers held the parasol. I love the pictures from it!


So because my grandma was on oxygen, she didn’t get to walk down the aisle 😦 But Nat’s grandparents, Lauren, DJ and Peter all walked down the aisle. I was trying to absorb it all. I know Nat’s Dad was getting a wee bit nervous she she started talking about how hot Sarah Palin is. It’s always an ice breaker.


Now we hired a cellist to play music for our ceremony. I honestly never heard it because I was so excited/nervous. He could have been playing death metal and I would never have known.I love cello music so I’m surprised I blocked it out- but ladies, that’s what happens. Your adrenaline kicks in and your like ‘holy crap, this is happening’ And the world totally falls away.


So thankfully our DOC told me when to go because I honestly was too flustered. MORE TO COME….


I got our wedding video from Nat’s uncle and I’m so glad he videotapped us. We didnt need some fancy smancy videoographer(I hate them). But already I can see things I didn’t know that happened!


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