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Engagement Session
January 5, 2009, 10:09 pm
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After writing some tips for looking good for your engagement photos, I thought I would make a few outfits that I would have loved to wear for my shoot.

What would I most love the couples I shoot to do? BRING PROPS!! So far people have only brought the safety prop- a dog. Let’s branch out! What about your yearbook with the two of you? Or your teddy bear? Or photos of your parents/grandparents getting married? Or a totally tacky 80’s prom dress? C’mon!!! I. Will. Love. You. Forever. Your favorite story book as a kid. A parasol. Battery twinkle lights. Seashells. A killer chair or couch(um, now I would love this but we should talk about this prior to you showing up with one).

Engagement session by lagomorph


Robbie Weddings


Hampton Road Photography


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props are awesome!

Comment by Robbie

Hey, I totally know what you mean when you say you want people to bring fun props!! I try to tell people that all the time, it makes the photos so much more fun and interesting! And also about your adult tutu, I was thinking that I wanted to make myself one, like in some crazy funky colors and take my engagement pictures in it, but people think I am crazy! I guess I really dont care what other people think but I just wanted to let you know you werent alone!

Comment by Heather

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