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Recap: We get our ass to the reception site
December 17, 2008, 6:52 pm
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So with a lot of couple shots done, we head out of Hotel Monaco *sniff* and to our reception/ceremony site *yay*!


As we were headed to the car(which we wanted to be a prius but realized the week before two dresses would never fit) a few people said “Oh look it’s a double wedding” to which I got irked and kissed Natalie to make sure no one thought we were sisters or some weirdo thing.

One thing I loved was our car ride together. It was just us and Natalie was totally getting nervous. But I just inhaled how yummy she smelt(I have to ask my hair stylist for the name of that hair spray!!) and relaxed. I just starred at Natalie for 15 minutes getting excited. I loved it!

Then we got to Woodend. Ah Woodend. Home to millions of deer, birds, bunnies, it was heaven. I loved how small and intimate it was, yet it was mostly outside, which was also super important to us. The one thing that’s kinda a pain is that they had a list of 8 caterers you had to choose from. No one else could be brought in. It ended up we adored our caterer but in the beginning I felt very nervous with such a short list.

So with everyone there we headed into the mansion to do our Ketubah signing. Now this was Natalie’s baby. She wanted an amazing Ketubah, and she got it!!! We had an artist paper cut a ketubah of a woodland theme, Natalie wrote the ketubah, and her father and a poet in Israel translated it. It’s hanging now in our living room and I get misty looking at it.


Now this is not for the faint of heart. When Natalie told me how much this was going to cost I almost had a heart attack and died. But she pleaded with me, telling me it was the most important part of the wedding for her. And really, after our photographs, I now am so happy that’s what we spent money. Not our dresses. But this. Now working with Melanie Dankowcz was a little hard. It all ended up perfect, but when we signed a contract there was a date in May that she said she would have it ready by. We thought that was to make us feel like she would not forget about us and that she wanted to give us an idea of how long the process takes. What we didn’t realize is that our Rabbi went to Israel for a few weeks which delayed the translation of the Hebrew. We then began receiving emails that we had to get it to her by a certain date…but we had no options, we really wanted OUR rabbi to do this. I felt stressed and so did Natalie. In the end we told her we could not work with her if she could not wait. And after that, things went well. I love our Ketubah, but wished it had not been so stressful.

And here is what Natalie wrote, get out your kleenex!

On the 21st day in the month of Elul in the year 5768, corresponding to the 21st of September 2008, here in our home of Washington, D.C. close to Rock Creek, Kelly Fitzpatrick, also known as Rachel bat Avraham v’ Sarah, and Natalie Prizel, as known as Natanah Vered bat Eliahu v’ Chaya entered into the covenant of marriage through the rituals of chuppah and kiddushin.

Kelly said to Natalie, “With this ring you are consecrated unto me as my beloved wife according to the tradition of the people Israel. And Natalie said to Kelly, “With this ring you are consecrated unto me as my beloved wife according to the tradition of the people Israel”. They pledged to each other:

“We will treat each other with loyalty, respect, kindness, generosity, and endless love in moments of health and illness, joy and sorrow, birth and loss, as we have for the past six years. We commit to struggling for our love in difficult times, and basking in the moments love comes easily. We will treat our differences as opportunities rather than obstacles. We will share all we have unhesitatingly. We will give ourselves body and soul to each other and our relationship. We will never fail to recognize our love as holy and God-given.

Our home will reflect our love: for family, for community, for learning, for all living beings, for our Jewish faith, and for each other. As we face life together, we will always strive to bring the best of ourselves to bear upon the world in the spirit of tikkun olam, the healing of the world and all those in it.”

And they said to each other, in the tradition of Ruth and Naomi, “Ki el asher telchi elech”…Where you go, I will go. Where you live, I will live. Where you die, I will die”

All of this is valid and binding.


And if I could not be more touched- then DJ, Peter, and Lauren(our sibs) went up and gave a speech. DJ, my brother, got choked up saying when he drove in that day and spotted us, “you took my breath away”. I nearly melted on the floor. My little brother! At my wedding!




My mom, Emma and Marie listening to our Rabbi.


Then we signed the Ketubah! We were legally Jewishly married, so we got a big Mazel Tov! I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but we literally got a dozen compliments about of Rabbi. Rabbi Fred made the whole day feel spiritual and amazing. I had people coming up to me saying if they converted, they would totally do it for Rabbi Fred.


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The Ketubah is gorgeous!!! Money well spent.

Comment by N

I LOVE THIS! First, that Ketubah is amazing. And, not just for how it looks, but most imporatantly, for what is written in it! It will be a great heirloom. Literally, reading this almost brought me to tears! I just had this big conversation with my girlfriend where we started planning our wedding date. We went to a family bris over the weekend, and something about the ritual and being with so much family, got us both talking about our future wedding. I also started looking into converting to Judaism recently. There aren’t that many Jewish lesbian weddings out there to be inspired by, and I am so glad I got a chance to be inspired by your lovely pictures and words. Also I am writing down the name of your Rabbi, because we are planning to tie the knot in DC (near where we both grew up, though we don’t live there now). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Comment by Kristin

I love your ketubah also and I am currently looking for one for my own wedding. I am finding the pre-made variety to be lacking. Can you give me an idea of how much it cost? Thanks.

Comment by Judith

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