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pro-LGBT vendors
December 1, 2008, 1:36 am
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I have written before about how important it is to go with vendors who are not just gay-friendly, but actually pro-gay. Meaning it’s in their portfolio, they actively seek gay clientel, or are somehow promoting same-sex marriage and people.

I am always reading Miss Gingerbread’s blog and saw her do a post on pro-gay vendors. Guess who was included and totally feels honored? Moi! I actually was giddy and did a little cheer. I then immediatly read about all the other amazing vendors.

I feel all those ‘gay wedding websites’ out there stink. Either the vendors are totally random or they are outdated. Sooooo I’m thinking about starting a website with wedding vendors that are cool, pro-lgbt, and are doing great work. The vendors would be screened to make sure they are 100% lgbt friendly and there would be no dues, so it would be an even playing field. I was thinking a blog-style website with interviews with the vendors, the ability for people to review the vendors, and a place that actually is up to date on good vendors for us cool gay people 😉

What do you think? Is a website dedicated to pro-gay vendors needed? What would you include? What should be avoided?


P.S How cute is this couple? They found me on the knot and hired me to do family shots. And their daughter is too sweet!


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Great idea! Man… I would definitely take advantage of it if it.

Comment by Sarah

Kelly i think it’s a GREAT idea! DO IT!

Comment by Jen

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