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Recap: Couple’s portraits, take one
November 21, 2008, 3:34 pm
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So we finally are dressed and ready to go. One thing we did to save money was to sleep ing the room the night before and sleep at home the wedding night. But I forgot one major thing. I needed to get all the crap out of the room right after getting in my wedding dress. I had not packed. At all. So everyone just grabbed stuff. It was a little stressful and we forgot a lot of stuff(but the staff kept it all for us to pick up the next day).

So as Kate, my mom, Emma, Marie and Lauren exited Hotel Monoco with giant bags of stuff, Michael led us to various locals inside the hotel for couple shots. What I had been waiting for! As I’m a photographer, I’m always the one with the camera. So we have very very very few pictures of Natalie and I together. I wanted our wedding day to be a couple picture extraveganza- and it was!


Us in the hotel room still.


Those white stairs make my photo side drool. Love them.



Then it was on to the bad ass halls. Be still my interior design freak heart.


One thing I did not think of- your wedding dress if mother f*cking heavy! So it’s hard to stand straight. But unless your standing straight, you look like a slub in your pics. So have your photog remind you to stand straight. Michael did, bless his heart, and made me look fab. And don’t worry about smiling. I’m super self consious about my teeth because I have had braces twice and it didn’t work. I still have buck teeth. But I was so damn happy that day, it never even crossed my mind not to smile. I was in happy land.



Being the photog I am, I hate when I look at bride’s photos and see the train of their gown all f’d up in pictures. So I went to straighten Nat’s gown and Michael was like “Don’t MOVE!” And he captured this. I have to say, this is one of my fav pics. Me taking care of my wife. I love it.


Vendor review:

  • Hotel Monaco A- I loved this hotel from pictures I had seen and knew it had to be where I got ready. We slept the night before in our hotel because this place is not cheap. At $360 a night, I felt a little sick knowing it was half my rent money but the pictures were totally worth it. We did forget a ton of stuff in the room and every single little item was put in bag for us to pick up later. I was so happy with them!


Vendor Review

  • Michael Bonfigli– A+++++ As you know, I have my BFA in fine art photography. So to say I’m a picky lady when it comes to photographs is an understatement. Which is why I spent 25% of my budget on photography. It really was worth it to me and I would do it again in a heart beat. I had interned with Michael for a year and knew he would be amazing. And of course he was!!! I cry when I look at my pictures. He got everything right. He is a true photojournalist. At one point during dinner my Rabbi was speaking and I scanned the room for Michael and did not see him. I was upset he wasn’t getting those photos. But when he delivered the photos, there was my Rabbi’s peech. He was just that unobtrusive! He got everything. Ladies, spend the $$$$ on your photog because you will have these photos forever. I am so glad I found such an artist to capture my day.

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all i can say is that i am so happy for you both!

Comment by Jen

I am behind on blog reading and I love these pictures!! You two are beautiful and wow that hotel is absolutely gorgeous!

Comment by Tsoniki Crazy Bull

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