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Tip #3: Don’t hold it in
November 10, 2008, 1:17 am
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Since starting my wedding photo business, I have hung around brides their whole wedding day. My packages are unlimited coverage so I usually stay for 13 hours- so I see the whole day. And even if you don’t think you will cry, most likely, at one little moment, you will. Or at least tear up. Maybe you don’t want to ruin your makeup or maybe you want to keep your reputation as tough girl so you try not to cry. Don’t!!

Do not hold in your tears! Let it go!

Why? Because otherwise you’ll have the ugly cry. Ohh, it’s bad. It’s the scrunched up face you make when your trying not to fall apart so you smush your eyes together, your nose wrinkles…it’s not pretty. Besides, crying makes awesome photos- and it never ruins your makeup if you get it done professionally.

I cried. I almost did not make it through my reading- Natalie was thinking about taking the children’s book away and reading it herself. I love those photos. I cried at our last dance. Um…let’s see. I cried a lot. It was just the most amazing day, the emotions running through me were so intense. And I just relaxed and let myself have a moment to cry, to let go. And did my makeup budge? No. Did I feel like a wimp? No. Was I shocked at how amazing that day was? Yes.


Mrs.Lovebug via Weddingbee(who was a goregous bride btw)


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