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Recap: Getting Ready part one(christ this thing will be long)
October 29, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Let’s skip ahead a little. After the bachelorette party, we went home and feel asleep. The following day we had a 40’s style tea- but I have no pictures of that so I will have to wait to blog about it.

That night- the night before our wedding, we proceeded to go to Hotel Monaco. We had decided that for us to have our getting ready shots in Hotel Monaco, we would sleep the night before in the hotel and spend our actual wedding night at home. So we went to bed in fluffy sheets. Cue 230am. I’m too excited to sleep. I think about the day coming and grab a coke from the fridge. I smile and get up, pace the room. I go back to sleep for a little only to wake up again. Too much excitement. I rearrange all the hotel furniture for the day to my liking. I wait.

As the sun finally began to shine and 8am started to become a reality rather than a far off dream, I took a picture of Natalie sleeping that still makes me smile.

Fuzzy, warm, out of focus because I jumpy from the excitement.

So I am super excited and wake Natalie up- I love it when I wake up and cuddle Natalie. Because we have been in one place for 8 hours, all wrapped up in sheets, it smells just like Natalie. That day was no different and I enjoyed it before sprinting out of bed. Natalie laughed about me already arranging furniture. And cleaning.

And just as we are waking up, guess who shows up right one time? Megan and Jamie from Baltimore Hair and Makeup. I loved them so much and they started the day off so right. My mom arrived minutes afterward and they got to work on her. I worried a little as the time went on why Kate and Lauren had not arrived. They did eventually- they were just 20 minutes later because we had asked them to pick up a few things.

My mom sitting and waiting for her makeup to start.

Kate getting her makeup done.

Natalie was wonderful and got her hair done first while I ordered us breakfast. Oh!! I forgot to mention- we got ready TOGETHER. I loved it! Best decision because we got to share the whole day with each other and get excited. We hung out in our nightgowns and robes, sipping OJ and getting gorgeous.

Lauren getting ready- she forgot something to wear while getting her hair and makeup done. So we used a Hotel robe that they provide- how cool does she look?

We talked about small things, about everyday things. And then we heard a knock!! It was Emma and Marie- Natalie and my best friends. Here’s the thing, we didn’t have attendants other than our siblings because of the drama and the cost. Our friends got ready with us, got to wear what they wanted, and had a fab time. All without the stupid bridesmaid expectations and role.

The best friends ever!!!

Mooooore to come!


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Getting ready together = brilliant! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

Comment by N

So awesome! I love the pics and great story too. 🙂

Comment by Tsoniki

I think the wedding party situation is a FANTASTIC idea! No need to make your friends spend money on a silly matching dress, either!

Comment by Crystal

Wow looks like everyone is warming up for an amazing day of celebrations.

Comment by Pat

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