Two Brides

Recap: The bacholorette party part 2
October 22, 2008, 4:07 pm
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So after loading up on yummy cake we headed out for Kelly and Natalie Jeopardy.

We had requested a somewhat low-key in regards to sexuality approach since we hd been to several of these kinds of parties and felt like it was just too sexual/too much for a mixed gender/age party.

So we had a game of questions like “What’s kelly’s favorite color?” or “Where did Natalie go for her graduation trip?” It was a real fun way to mix the crowd a little.

We then proceeded to attack the lovely gift bags, in rainbow colors non the less, and everyone started trying to do these mini games included in them that were logic puzzles.

I hate logic puzzles! OMFG, I had learning disability testing and they had those puzzles- I couldn’t figure a single one out. So it was me and tester sitting there while the time ran out and I stared at the puzzle trying to figure it out.

So back I was trying to figure the $^^&*%^& puzzle out. But I was having soooo much fun with my friends and just absorbing the fact that all these people were there because I loved them and they meant so much to me. I felt like I was in heaven!! All my best friends- there.


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