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October 4, 2008, 8:06 pm
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Here we are in week two of our honeymoon. London is filled with nooks and crannies to explore. We got to go to Bath and the home of Beatrix Potter, Windemere.


– I want to steal a British child. We had a little girl sing ‘bah bah black sheep’ on our train and it took a lot of will power to no steal her. Kids are so much cuter with a British accent.

– The English label everything on their food. I love them for it. It makes being a Celiac so much easier. Yay for gf brownies at Starbucks of all places.

– I love double decker buses. Sitting on the top you can see the city in this awesome perspective.

– I need the science muesum to move directly to DC. It was so bad ass. Seriously.

– It is hard not to slip and start talking in a fake British accent.

– Westminster Abby is sooooo boring. They stuffed a bunch of dead people into their church walls. I literally got so bored I walked through the hall saying “I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead….ok, I get it”

– I love the word queue. I’m so taking this word back to USA. And their queue’s make life so easy! “Counter 8 now open”

– I’m now obsessed with tea. Natalie even put…shudder….milk in her tea and likes it.

– The British have awesome lingerie. Don’t laugh! H&M makes hot bras for cheap. I seriously bought everything. Knickers. Knickers. It always makes me laugh.


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go to marks and spencer!!!!! every time i go to london i, no shit, stock up on knickers and bras. they are the BEST i have ever had.

i’ve converted multiple people. 🙂

Comment by Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs

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