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September 18, 2008, 6:55 pm
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We had our last meeting with the Rabbi! I’m franticly trying to write/edit/print/tie togther the programs because they were just finalized today(we had to nail down some stuff with our Rabbi).

I also got a call that my grandmother in on oxygen in the hospital. They ruled out the heart but are trying to figure out why she is short of breath. For two weeks. And she didn’t tell anyone until she couldn’t breath and my mom saw her gasping on the stairs. GRRR. My grandmom hates doctors but c’mon! Short of breath? Get thee to a doctor!! Now I’m stressed that she’s sick and might be in the hospital for our wedding.

And the seating cards fell off the ribbon last night so I put two glue dots on them, not one. So they better stay on.

Tonight we meet with our DOC, Jennifer Shipman to go through the ceremony.

My phone is ringing so much I actually put on my bluetooth headset for the whole day.

I’m scribbling notes about decor for our DOC so everything looks good.

Tomorrow people start pouring in and our bachorlette party will begin at 8pm.


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Girls, I hope this weekend is everything you have imagined and more. Have the BEST time! I can’t wait to see pictures! Big love, Jen

Comment by DomestiGal Jen

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