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September 15, 2008, 9:07 pm
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This is THE week. Aka, I’m getting married THIS week.

I have a bunch of pictures to show you guys…but I’m now aware that a lot more guests than I knew are reading this and I really don’t want to spoil the surprise. So here’s a lil peek at my exercise in frustration, the seating cards. I found this awesome $1 wood grain stamp. But as I found out, it almost covered the cards I bought. But 2% was unstamped and no matter what I tried afterward, it looked funny trying to cover it. So I ended up just leaving the blank space.

Boring things that had to get done today:

-got candles and pore strips at target(I NEVER get pimples…except when stressed, so you can guess how lovely my face looks)

-dropped off ribbon + locket at Helen Olivia Florist’s. Nat ordered me a bunny locket to go in my boquet so I can put my Dad’s picture in the locket.

– tied ribbon on the #$%%^&^&* sticks for the aisle again. Note to self and fellow bloggers, satin ribbon must be double knotted. Do not try and just tie it on, they will fall off and you will double knot all the branches again.

– made appointment for waxing on Wed. at Aveda

– found out Aveda Institute is full on Saturday, so we can’t get our 40’s hair done there. I should have thought about that sooner, d’oh!

– found earrings to go with Natalie’s grandma’s necklace she will be wearing. I love that Nat gets to wear family jewelry!


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Try the Graham Webb academy…it’s right in Rosslyn, and they’re REALLY nice, and I’ve had my hair cut AND done for special occasions there. They’re cheap and really good!

Comment by Rebecca

What an awesome suggestion! Your place cards *look* awesome, too.

Comment by Desaray

looove the place cards! Also, I just bought pore strips the other day too. yummay.

Comment by Wendy

This is so exciting! Thank you for keeping us posted on all the details. I love how personal your wedding is turning out to be. Just fab. Cannot wait for more pics!

And the seating cards look lovely 🙂 That stamp is awesome.

Comment by DomestiGal Jen

The place cards look absolutely incredible. Your wedding is going to beautiful! I can’t wait to see more pictures of all the fabulous details!

Comment by Madelyn @ Southern Weddings

Love the wood stamp! Your seating cards look really nice and the 2% uncovered = not noticeable!

Have a blast at your wedding!

Comment by Leah

Wooo, big congrats! The home stretch is such a pain in the rear. Good luck!

I love the wood grain…I don’t think the teeny bit of blank space is going to be at all noticeable. I didn’t see it until you pointed it out!

Comment by Never teh Bride

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