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September 4, 2008, 6:15 pm
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So we had our hair trail a long time ago and it was so damn fab. We again went to Baltimore Hair & Makeup . Now, I will say in full disclosure Nat and I were slightly worried. The hair on the site was…well, very curly-bridal-tiaraness. My eyebrows went up when Nat suggested we try her. I did not want to end up with a big poof of curls on my head. But as Nat pointed out, most likely, that’s what the bride wanted! Not the stylist!

So off to MD we went and we met with Jamie. I felt so much better when I saw her- her hair was hot and she was so nice. I knew then it was just the clientel she had had in the past. When I showed her a picture of what I wanted she recreated it spot on. I was freakin amazed and in love. Messy, sexy bun with a sweep part = hair heaven.

I will add that this is not all my hair. That’s right! I have entensions in. Jamie said they were the best extentions she had ever used- I love how they made my bun more full. And no one- I asked 7 people- could find my hair vs the clip in extentions. Woot! Don’t worry ladies, I’ll tell you my secret.

1. Go to Sally’s beauty supply. I recommend going to a multiple Sally’s. The stock is diffrent in diffrent stores and some Sally’s have diffrent hair colors. I ended up going to two. For DC ladies, go to the Vienna Sally’s. It stocks the most.

2. Get only real hair. They can curl it or wash it or whatever. Fake hair = no heat. I got:

3. I agonized over the right color. Poor Natalie was asked maybe 10 times “Are you SURE this is the best color?” Always go with your hair color only slightly darker. You always see your hair as lighter than it is- it’s somewhat of a fantasy. I looked at the extentions I got and whinned about how I was nervous they were slightly too dark. Uhuh. They were perfect.

VS what I showed her


Now for Natalie:

And my favorite photo of the day:

I am a big fat sap. When she put on the veil- I teared up. I might need a towel for the wedding if this is any indication of what I’ll be like the actual wedding day.


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I looove the up do! it is sooo pretty. And I wish I had Natalie’s hair! I can’t wait to see more

Comment by christine@wishpot

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