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August 16, 2008, 12:19 am
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So I had my first fitting at I Do I Do and was very happy to find out I needed very minimal changes to my dress. Just a little tuck and nip to keep my strapless top close my chest and hemming. But also the bustle. I had not thought at all about the bustle. But the first one they showed me I loved- the American bustle. It’s the one where it basically gets pinned to your butt, very romantic. Natalie is getting the French bustle which is tucked under. And Nat’s dress is on it’s way here to DC as we speak because we had to cancel our trip to Florida after our dear kitty ended up in the hospital for a few days and needs some super TLC(oh, we are such lesbians).

FYI, book your alterations person waaaay in advance. I had no idea that it was this hard to find someone to alter Nat’s dress when you don’t have a store(her dress was bought in FL and is being shipped to DC). So we have to go with an independent one and it seems everyone is booked.

the bustle!

And our only bridesmaid, Lauren, getting her vintage va va voom dress fitted.

Little Zee is our cat(We did NOT name him)- he has a heart murmur, renal failure, and pancreatitis. Plus three legs. So when he started acting funny we took him on in to my hospital, he ended up staying for a few days scaring us to death with his acute renal failure(hopefully not end stage!!!). So say a kitty prayer for Little to get all better.


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Oh that is so frustrating about the RSVPs. Our invites recently went out and I am dreading our RSVP date because I know we will not hear from many of our guests. Can’t people just say yes or no!

Good luck to you!

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