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Hotel Monaco
August 6, 2008, 2:32 pm
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I had seen Hotel Monaco pictures while editing for Michael for the last year. I became obsessed. I loved all the possibilities the hotel offered for modern, clean, well lite photos. So when we discussed where we were going to get ready I was already saying “Only Hotel Monaco!!” Even though it is well out of our way.

So we visited and were first shown the biggest suite which was soooo gorgeous but Natalie heard the price and almost died($519 a night people, half our rent for a month). So we quickly asked to see others rooms but Nat was already doubtful we could stay here which was literally breaking my heart. So we saw a standard room and the Mediterranean suite. The standard room barely had any room because the bed was huge. So off to the suite we went. While it was expensive, we compromised. We are going to stay there the night before, get ready, and check out by noon(someone else will do this) while Michael will take pictures of us in the hotel then we all head out to Woodend. So it’s going to cost us around $350 for the night but we will have gorgeous getting ready shots- my favorite shots of the day generally. They are pet friendly, so I’m still trying to convince Natalie that bringing one bunny would be fun- I don’t think we could handle all 4.

Here’s a sneak peak of the hotel:

I can see us sitting in those seats!!

Going down the hall shots- this Hotel is h-o-t-t hot!

The suite part of our room.

Now we enter zee bedroom


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