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Pet Peeve- balloon release
July 12, 2008, 7:21 pm
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I’m trying to have a carbon-neutral wedding. I’m a green freak. And an animal freak.

So there is nothing that jabs me the wrong way like a bride who doesn’t think of the impact of her actions on someone other than her. Cue the post at the wonderful blog Snippet & Ink. The bride let loose hundreds of balloons. I read that and flipped. I can just imagine all the birds and sea creatures strangling on her lovely white balloons and dieing. Now, this bride did not plan it so I would not consider it a crime- but she did let it happen.

photo from snippet & ink blog

I was bridesmaid for a wedding and they released balloons as the couple walked down the aisle. Uhoh. I did not know this was going to happen so I promptly felt torn as to whether to run and catch them all or stay in my “place” at the alter. So I did stay put only because I knew I could never catch the balloons but started crying against my will thinking of all the animals and plants it would kill. I’m sure that looked great in the photos- but you can see I’m a total bleeding heart when it comes to the environment.

So please please stop this stupid wedding practice.


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Someone with this same concern was thoughtful enough to leave a comment on the post. If it was you, thank you! And if it wasn’t, I’d love it if you would also make a comment – I think it’s important for brides to keep this (among so many other unethical things done for the sake of beauty) in mind.

Thanks so much, and I hope that you enjoy most of what you find on Snippet & Ink!


Comment by Kathryn

[…] of my favorite bridal bloggers writes about her pet peeve of releasing balloons after the ceremony, and how environmentally unfriendly that […]

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First, most balloon decor is done in the hall, no balloons leave the building, mostly because guest break them before they leave. Secondly, Professional balloon decorators destroy any balloon at breakdown – they just don’t let them fly into the air. Thirdly, Lets look at the real cause – restaurants, banks, and any company that hands out free helium balloons. These people are too cheep to provide weights to keep the balloon from escaping from small hands. Lastly, If you read the balloon industry guidelines which profession follow, but DYI’s do not follow these rules (they want to save money). So it not the balloon industry you need to attach, it the goal of educating people about the laws.

Write an article that is positive and teach people the right way to do it, not just post a picture of animals in distress.


Comment by balloonanimals

[…] don’t mind a dozen or so marine animals and birds choking on your fun and dieing.  I have written about this before. But the trend seems to just get bigger! I just can’t understand it. In our effort to […]

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