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Say yes to the dress…again.
June 17, 2008, 5:20 pm
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So panic set in on Thursday. I was not happy with the idea of paying so much for a possible fix for my wedding dress. I knew from calling around that unless the wedding dress was in stock, bridal salons could not get a new dress to me by my wedding. And if they did have it in stock, ohhhh the rush charges.

So I went with my gut. I went back to I do I do in Gaithersburg MD. They were the place who I bought my veil from and were ubber nice.

So going in Natalie was iffy and I only had my first dress dancing through my head. So we tried on 10 dresses. Most were consignment because I was nervous about timing of getting a dress. What do you know but the first dress I tried on I fell in love. It’s gorgeous. Flowy and organic like the first but whoa, did I ever envision myself with beading? No. Is that what I was all over the dress? Yes. Do I loveeeee it? YES!

And I could not beat the price. Pssst, it was $500 with tax. I took it home that day. My stress about the stupid water stain melted away. And I think the wedding fairy gown must have been blessing me because I then got a call from a person who goes to my synagogue about a cleaner who also goes to our synagogue. He is currently cleaning my first dress for…wait for it….wait for it….under $200. Hells yes! It may shrink/not look 100% though so I’m very very happy I have my second dress.

So currently:

First dress, $400 dress + $200 cleaning = $600 for the dress I’m going to wear when we go to CA and get married(it’s official, we are going to California to get married in the winter)

Second dress, $500 + $? for alterations(no more than $250) = $? the official wedding dress of my dreams

The second dress everyone is MORE happy with because it’s much more formal and more ‘weddingy’. And I have my first dress for our day after photo session and our trip to CA to get legally married. I never ever thought I would be a 2 dress bride(please commence vomiting) but that’s how the cookie crumbled. I wanted to not have to stress in 3 weeks about a shrunk or slightly still spotted dress, so I went with my gut and ended up happier than ever.



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i discovered your blog today. i love it. you’re my new favorite. i came over from i hope you keep blogging after you get married! p.s, now that you’re starting a photography business, are you going to do weddings?

Comment by jess

How great!

Comment by Desaray

Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, I am doing weddings now…I’m just starting up and am doing EXTREMELY reduced cost weddings to build my wedding portfolio. If you’re interested in seeing my portfolio or talking to me about your wedding, email me at!

Comment by Kelly

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