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June 9, 2008, 9:26 pm
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I finally ordered the paper for our invitations. That’s right! I made a freakin decision on my paper products. I must say this has been the hardest decision and I am sure hardly anyone will notice the million choices I made but I must say I drool over invitations all the time. So this was super important to me.

We have not been successful planting money trees so instead of paper source, which cost so much money, we went with paper presentations dot com. I ordered paper from them before and love their stuff so I’m sure I’ll be happy with the paper.

Here’s a break down of our bill to help you other brides to know what to expect:

I had originally salivated over letterpress invitations(and still am a little sad I can’t have them). Just the invitation part of the letterpress invitations was going to cost us $650. Now, once I add in the gocco ink, bulbs, screens, ribbon, punch, stamps and any extras I’m sure it will add up to at least $250. But $250 in contrast to what would be $750 minimum for the letterpress invitations with no gatefold enclosure…I think you can see why I went with gocco invitations. Plus, please, I’m a control freak with paper. If I can do it myself, I want to. Here’s what the coco gatefold invites look like(a graphic from the company, not my real invites):

I hemmed and hawed over whether I should have 2 pieces of paper inside, one accenting the other like the pictures. But that’s more paper! Less eco friendly. And not helping my goal of carbon neutrality. So I kicked my creative side and let my eco side win. One piece. No accent.

I am also doing a little ribbon enclosure to hold the invitation together. I am thinking (oh god) of gocco’ng the ribbon with a wood grain pattern because the only wood grain ribbon I can find is silver or other colors. Then a little circle holding the ribbon together with the pattern I used for the STD’s.

As for RSVP cards, I again let my eco side win and we are having postcards. Yay for the trees. A little secret(and don’t you tell Marie) is that for close friends and family the little yes/no bubbles will go:

-Yes, I love me some queers

-No I’m liberal but not that liberal

I figured doing that for the entire wedding guest list might ruffle some feathers so just a select few will receive that.


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Is that a graphic of bamboo? I love that! But, honestly, even if it’s not bamboo – I still love it! So pretty without being overbearing.

Comment by Quynhie

I’ve thought about having different invitations for different people, as well … and really enjoyed alla the ridiculous outrageousness i could pull off with this strategy. So great.

Comment by Desaray

I can’t wait to see the final outcome. I am in love with Gocco. I have to get me one of those asap.

Oh and by the way Tag your it…

Comment by My

I am just starting the search for invitations. Where did you get yours. $250 for how many. I am lost.

Comment by Danita

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