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Bridezilla *chomp chomp*
June 7, 2008, 9:28 pm
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So to cheer me up, Natalie and I went to two bridal stores today. Not only did we find both our veils(!), we got the most amazing customer care ever. I brought my dress in a bag to show the veil store the color of my dress. To my horror, when we looked closely at the dress we noticed a huge huge stain.

A stain that had not been there 3 weeks ago when I tried it on. It was a giant water stain. I guess our shitty rental house had a leak in the closet we never noticed but the stain was on the bag and on the silk dress. When the sales lady looked at it, she immediately took it to the back to her manager even though the dress was not theirs. I started getting misty eyed that my dress would never be the same and it was ruined. I did not have a freak out but started getting upset I would need a new dress. The manager came out and said she wished she could spot clean it but was afraid it would do more harm and gave me the name and number of the guy who cleans their top of the line silk dresses. I felt immediately relieved and so taken care of!! They totally saved my day. I will gush about my veil later but am going to this cleaner ASAP.

Well, I’m, not going. Natalie’s going. Because even though I didn’t freak out and was pretty damn calm, I think explaining that my wedding dress has a huge water stain to the stain cleaner may just make me cry. This is totally unexpected and from what the manager said, a huge expense(please god don’t be more than $300). But whatever happens, I’m going to look amazing on my wedding day, so why worry?


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i love your blog…just discovered it! would you be interested in doing a link exchange…or mebbe even a tile?

Comment by emily

Hey ladies,
I met you when you were in shopping for veils at I do I do Wedding gowns. I work there and I was so excited when you wrote down this blog for me. Please keep me posted on how the cleaning goes. Good luck with everything!!

Comment by Kristy

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