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May 31, 2008, 3:40 pm
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I’m just so frustrated. I did not know if I should blog this but Natalie and I had a huge fight with her family, and a week later we are still not talking. Natalie has been stressed to the max and as a result, so have I. The fight had nothing to do with the wedding but obviously, with time running low, it has affected the wedding. I’m starting to get nervous that we have yet to really start any of the big DIY projects and Natalie says I want to do too many, so I should stop being nervous because this fight is more important/hard.

Natalie wants nothing to do with the wedding planning right now since her family is the one paying for it and right now we have no idea how things are with them. I want to start moving on things but am stuck because no one is talking.

I understand Natalie being emotional but she doesn’t think it’s effecting her behavior towards me- which is totally has and is making me ubber drained/depressed/stressed. I don’t have a lot of time since I started working 2 jobs and going to a class.

Blah, this is a total vent. I’m just…tired of the stress this has created. It seems like if it isn’t one thing it’s another taking Nat’s attention from the wedding. I feel alone planning this wedding and she doesn’t feel that way at all. I know I’m more excited about the little details but she doesn’t even want to talk about the wedding…so I just lie awake at night stressing that nothing will get done and I’m be crazy busy before the wedding. I wanted to plan together…this is not my wedding but our wedding.


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I had a couple of blowouts with Hubby in the midst of wedding planning as well. I don’t even remember that they were about the wedding so much as they were in the midst of planning some major elements. I completely understand your need to vent and I think it’s normal that this kind of stuff happens/erupts while you are doing things like wedding planning. Hope things clear up for you soon! As it happened with me, things would clear after a little while when people had a chance to calm down and refocus themselves on things.

Comment by Q

Lauren and I are trying to pay for the wedding on our own because we arent sure that anyone will actually offer help, but also to keep the planning as simple as possible. But I hadnt even thought of the situation youre describing — that the ones who are paying for it are distracted by something else and can’t prioritize the wedding while youre left out on a limb powerless to do anything but perseverate on wedding planning with no money to *stop* thinking and *start* doing! I read somewhere that weddings are *supposed* to be stressful, that this is an important part of the rite of passage. Maybe you can really use this problem to try something new in your relationship with Natalie or with her parents. Or, at the very least, I hope it goes away as quickly as humanly possible!

Comment by Desaray

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