Two Brides

Baby Girl
May 8, 2008, 6:46 pm
Filed under: beauty

My tiny little baby niece will be somehow going down the aisle. She is not a flower girl(I think she might eat the petals) but I want her to look nice but not frufru or fussy. I want her to be be comfortable and not look like a mini bride(ahhhhhh! those kids are so scary!)

But since she will be just 8 months, the selection is somewhat scarce. Or maybe I just don’t own(err have) a baby so I’m not sure where to shop. But I love Flora and Henri. Sure the pricing is high, but not that high given I went to look at baby dresses in a few places and saw comparable prices. Plus they look relaxed, high quality, but sooo classy.

But do I really want to pay $$$ for a dress that will be vomited on? No thank you.

I frankly found some cute but not similar outfits at old navy.

Or baby gap with a smocked white dress(I cant save their $%$%## images). And baby gap has a whole organic line?? For your nursery? What? I need a baby, for real real. Just so I can buy this cute stuff.


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