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Eat like a Queen
March 30, 2008, 2:23 am
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As a celiac, I’m totally gluten free. Meaning no cake, pasta, cookies, msg, flour, additives, preservatives, and a whole lot of other stuff.

So the idea of finding a caterer made me break out in a sweat. I needed someone who knew that no gluten meant 100% no gluten, you must take me seriously or I’ll get super sick. Just the thought of pastries being cooked next to my food made me nervous.

Along comes my hero! It’s a bird, its a plane…NO it’s a caterer with two kids who have celiac!!! Capital Catering is run by a mom with 2 kiddos with celiac. So she has been my gluten police and made sure I was safe- and not just safe but pampered. Gluten free bread that made my mouth water. Salmon with amazing sauce. Sauces made just for me. This wasn’t cafeteria food or bland ‘oh we don’t know how to cook for allergies’, this was damn good stuff.





Look at all this gluten-free yumminess. My stomach was so full by the end I thought I would burst.



This was our first tasting. We have one more to go but…I’m in love! Sarah is a goddess, nice as pie, and her food is a-mazing.


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I found your blog through my google alerts for celiac. Wow, I had no idea that Capitol Catering did gluten free food! My celiac kid is only 15, so I’ve been doing all the gluten free stuff myself. But it’s nice to know there is a resource in the DC area. Woo hoo!

Comment by Naomi

The meal looks really great, our Group has just been invited to a free tasting evening at a local Sri Lankan restaurant, who have offered to make a complete gluten free range of Sri Lankan food, its on the 15th April, but too far for you to travel, sorry but we will all enjoy it.
Don Tombs Organiser & Founder CGFG

Comment by Don Tombs

Hallelujah! Congratulations and best wishes!

Comment by grannyreta

I just found your blog and just wanted to say that it is fabulous and I will definitely be bookmarking it. Congratulations…

Comment by My

Gluten free can be tricky, but glad you’ve found the right catering company 🙂 I haven’t visited your blog for a while…I am thrilled with all the ideas you keep on shooting at us readers and can’t wait to see the pics of the Big Day :))

Comment by Gabriella

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