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Flowers are confusing
March 27, 2008, 5:33 pm
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So as you know, I’m not one to do anything normal or easy, ugh. We decided at the beginning of planning to do centerpieces I would make. I am making individual terrariums for each table…that’s a whole other story. But the reason we did this is because I hate flowers.

BUT seeing bouquets as being pretty much mandatory since I’m already awkward and having nothing in my hands to hold would make it 10 times worse. But I know nothing at all about flowers. I’m totally confused, what’s in season? What flowers cost more? What flowers can stand the abuse all day?

And since we are only having 2 bridal bouquets, DC florists will not work with us. They all have certain minimums they work with. Which I understand but it puts a girl in a bad boat when minimums are from 1,000-5,000 bucks. So we even went to a local nursery to see if they did bouquets- nope, they only had FTD, the country wide company do floral design. And I really want something unique, not picked out of a catalog.

I have emailed 6 or 7 florists now and none of them will book me. A few said contact them 3 months before hand and then they might let me book them…but really, I want to get stuff out of the way. I would like to have this done and soon so I can get one more check on my to-do list.

Should I just wait it out? Or does anyone know people who work with brides who just want two bouquets?? BTW, I am so not designing my own bouquet…I’m DIYing almost everything. But this I will not touch.

Here are some pictures of to die for bouquets:




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Hi ladies!
These bouquets are incredible! I’m so sorry to hear of your floral woes though! I know you said that you don’t want to make your own bouquets… but have you considered paper or fabric flowers? These would last forever and then you could both save them for years to come!

Along the paper flowers line… Laure Cinotto makes gorgeous paper bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages… definitely worth a look if you’re at all interested. Check out her flickr page here:
I bet she’d be more than happy to work out a custom palette with the two of you. See her profile for her etsy shop link.

Martha Stewart also did a huge article on paper flower bouquets in her Weddings magazine a couple of years ago. Try these links:

Best of luck to you. I’m sure your celebration will be beautiful no matter what you are holding!


Comment by ez

I know nothing about the DC area, but we found our florist through our local “pink pages,” a directory put together by the publisher of our gay magazine. There’s got to be a similar resource for you guys out there.

Yeah, mainstream florists were giving us the stinkeye, as well, so I feel your pain.

Comment by Jade

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