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Is something in the air?
March 25, 2008, 5:10 pm
Filed under: lesbian/gay

Um, did I miss something? Like, did they spike the water supply? What is with all the same sex marriage stuff going on??

Weddingbee, a gigantic website/blog with dozens of soon-to-be-brides blogging everyday, is now having their first lesbian couple blogging.

You must go over and meet the new Miss Gingerbread. I will be reading her posts like a hawk.


Yesterday I was at work and Robert and I were talking about the wedding. He asked if we were going to MA or Canada too. I said no, our legal rights would not change even if we did that and  it sucks. So…were having this conversation while this lady is waiting for her dog’s meds. And she says “We should all move to Canada”.  As she was walking out she let me know she had a lesbian daughter and full understood. Woah! Yeah for support!


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Just wanted to pop in to say hello. You have a great blog! Incidently, my original wedding blog was called 2brides 🙂

Comment by Miss Gingerbread

Weddingbee was my first wedding website of choice. Miss Tulip was the lady i checke din on often, becaus eher wedding was in DC and we are having our reception at Teaism thanks to her. *I* had fantasies of being the first lesbian blogger there. Oh drats!

Comment by Desaray

Found you thru the weddingbee board – I live in No. Virginia and am a bee fan too. I’m also very excited about Miss Gingerbread (Hi Miss Gingerbread)! And I, too, had fantasies of being the first gay bee. Anyway it’s great to see that we gay brides have a community of our own. I’ll be back to keep reading!

Comment by TwoMayflies

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