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February 13, 2008, 8:39 pm
Filed under: lesbian/gay

It took a post from Something Old Something New to let me know it’s Freedom to Marry week! How could I miss this??


Legally, Natalie and I will not be able to get married. We could drive our butts up to MA, but none of the rights would transfer down here. So we will be registering downtown as domestic partners(ugh, I hate that phrase!). Which means we get some rights, but not nearly as many rights as Brittany Spears and the dude she married for an hour had for that hour. So that means, because we want to have children, we will have to pay $$$ to a lawyer to have some contracts drawn up to have some more, but again, not nearly all the rights married couples have.

I really really believe and pray by the time we have kids marriage will be legal. Federal marriage. So I could get social security, file joint taxes, not worry about loosing our house if one of us died and couldn’t pay the taxes. I want my kids to feel safe. I want to feel safe.

To learn more about what you can do check out:

(at an HRC marriage protest)


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I don’t know much about gay marriages but I think that two people in love should be able to get married no matter what! I will be back to read your blog (a little late for today) to see all your beautiful wedding products.

Comment by Claudia

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