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February 8, 2008, 1:04 am
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Ok all you modern lesbians. I found your ketubah. Really, I did. If I had not just put my deposit down for a custom done ketubah, I would be handing my credit card over as we speak to this awesome artist. New Ketubah is modern, cool, and just gorgeous. And she allows you to put in your own custom test for a minimal amount of money. Because no one wants those ‘reform’ or ‘conservative’ texts(and hey! where is the reconstruction text!!) but some are pretty open ended in terms of wording for same-sex couples. Meet with your Rabbi and hash it out. We did today…and I have to say if your in the DC area and not being married by Rabbi Fred of Adat Shalom, your missing out on the most queer/feminist/eco educated Rabbi ever. Anyway, back to the ketubahs, these are finally something you feel good about hanging on your wall. Not some old 50’s jewish ‘artist’ who wears cat sweaters and weird glasses.  You want fresh and modern. And by golly, I found it.


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Beautiful work. As a fellow ketubah artist, it is always good to see attention being brought to the modern ketubah design movement.

Comment by Modern Ketubah

Can I ask who you DID end up going with? My partner and I have been searching really hard for a ketubah as well. We’re not Jewish, but since the marriage won’t be legal, we like the idea of a formal (and pretty) contract that we can all sign and display in our home as a constant reminder of our vows.

Comment by Loaf

Loaf and all you sister brides……….Please check out my website, for even more options for fabulous ketubas, good for lesbians, and all others, Jewish or not. Texts are also flexible and varied. I am an Israeli ketubah artist living in Haifa. One of my ketubas is specifically designed for lesbians, and can be purchased at a special price for all you lady lovebirds. Link to lesbian ketubah:

Delighted to see we are in such good company!!!!

Comment by Dorit Jordan Dotan

Yes! Another fellow ketubah artist here, pleased to see attention being brought to the modern ketubah design movement! 🙂

Comment by Ketubahdiva

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