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On Hitched
January 15, 2008, 1:22 pm
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We have decided to remove the post about our experience at Hitched Salon in Georgetown. We received the following comment from the owners of the store:

Hi Kelly & Natalie-

We’ve never responded to an internet posting about our store, but we were both surprised and saddened to see this post and felt compelled to respond. Carin recalls your visit to the store and feels as if there has been a complete misunderstanding of the interaction. The situation described speaks directly against our personal values and undermines our belief systems. We are both very supportive of gay rights, believe strongly in establishing a legal right to gay marriage and have assisted many gay couples in preparing for their weddings….with wedding gowns and bridesmaids and invitation orders. Our intention in opening Hitched was to create a welcoming environment for all couples. It is possible that on a Saturday, our busiest day of the week, we are not always able to give the personal attention and care to walk-in customers that we wish we could. However, we remain committed to providing excellent customer service to all couples and feel badly for any misunderstanding that may have occurred. We would welcome the opportunity to have you in for an appointment so that you can get a true taste of the Hitched experience. We know that wedding planning is an exciting time and wish you both all the best with your upcoming wedding.

Carin & Julia (Hitched owners)

We have both been in situations where our intentions have been misinterpreted and therefore feel inclined to give others the benefit of the doubt. We sincerely appreciated the salon reaching out to us. We did feel hurt regarding our interaction in the store, and these issues are particularly sensitive as we plan our wedding and realize all the important things that are not available to us…it makes the aspects of the wedding that are available all the more important. However, it seems that there was a genuine miscommunication and the salon took the time to try to make amends.


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are you going to the use salon afterall?

Comment by persephonesawakening

No. Even though they wrote such a nice comment and did try and straighten the interaction out- we just felt a lil weird about it all. Nat likes the birdcage veil on etsy you showed me and I may just look around NYC next time I’m up in the city since they have a million bridal stores.

Comment by twobrides

People can be so ridiculous sometimes. Though I’m not in your situation, I can understand the scrutiny that people come under when planning unconventional weddings. I found out I was pregnant in the midst of planning a three-day wedding weekend (don’t even get me started on how I’ve wanted to ELOPE from the beginning!) and now we’ve moved the date up for our wedding three months and are coming down to the last few weeks!!! But when people here about this, I always get very mixed responses because so many assume that this is a shot-gun wedding. We’re both in our late 20’s/early 30s and though we didn’t plan our lives to happen the way we have, we’re happy to be expecting our first child and our marriage was planned long before we conceived. Good luck with your planning! I’m so excited to be able to read your blog now that I’ve found it!!!

Comment by Quynh

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