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January 8, 2008, 3:49 pm
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I was not sold on the idea of veils. They seemed poofy and ugly and just an addition to the scary tiara/crowns on a lot of girls heads. But when Nat went to try on dresses in Naples, FL they let me try on a veil just to see.

Ok, I crumbled. I totally felt like a bride. Maybe it was because these veils were chic and not your standard scary poof thing. But I was sold. I wanted a veil. Sleek yet a lil mysterious. I googled a lot and found terrifying things. But I did find what’s called a drop veil. No comb even, just basically a large piece of tulle over you. I have to say a lot of women are going for them lately since they are so sleek so I found a few women on who had already tried drop veils. Look at these girls!




Hennama01, Msedragon  and unknown


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hmmm… i’m not totally digging it. i don’t like the reason behind veils, but my friend that got married this summer had one and it really did add to the beauty of her ensemble. there’s a veil-maker on etsy that has some nice, understated, vintage-inspired designs.

Comment by persephonesawakening

oh and this one is more vintage-looking:

Comment by persephonesawakening

I, too, ended up being sold on getting a veil after I was wearing the dress I liked. The sales consultant said, “How about we try a veil with that?” Before I even knew what was happening, she had topped me with a big pouffy cathedral length veil!!! I never would have picked something like that but for whatever reason, I completely loved it. And of course my mother and grandmother burst into tears as they watched the whole thing. I like the drop veils that you found. Mine is more traditional and I’m having a blusher but the drop veils are definitely beautiful without looking “so done.”

Comment by Quynh

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