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Your either in or your out
December 8, 2007, 1:02 pm
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Wedding traditions are funny. Some people blindly follow them while others question wtf others were thinking.

Planning forever has a great post about which traditions are out out out. I could not agree more!

How many times have I, in horror, watched as the groomsmen go up bridesmaid’s skirts ‘in search’ of the garter. Or the groom’s take off the bride’s garter with his teeth to bad james bond music, oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses. And the bouquet toss says “your only valuable ladies if your married”. Excuse me while I vomit.

From planning forevers blog:

Number One: Bouquet/garter toss (no surprise). More couples are ditching this long time tradition for many reasons. For some they know their guest list and the fact that there are more married people attending the reception than singles. For others, they just know how lame this goes. Who catches the bouquet 9 times out of 10? A six year old girl. Whoopeeee! And the dudes? Well AFTER you take 10 minutes of embarrassing them to get them on the dance floor, they stand their like statues with their hands folded, refusing to even get near the tossed garter. After it lands on the floor, who gets it? The 3 year old boy that just rushed in from the side lines.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Two: Formal guests books. Yawn. Some of those guests books ask for everything but the guest’s social security number. It takes forever to fill out and backs up the guests out the front door when trying to enter the ceremony site. You’ll never look at this thing again. Instead, look for newer traditions such as; photo books, signed photo mats, small pieces of paper that guests can give advice and then make a scrap book.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Three: NOT seeing each other before the wedding. Most important day of your life for the both of you, and you spend HALF that day trying to not see each other. Huh? I love the weddings that my clients start the pictures before the wedding, the vibe is just so cool and much better (but that is for another post). See each other. Do yourself and your guests a favor.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Four (finally): Champagne Toasts. I’ve put beer, wine, 7-up, juice, diet coke, punch, and water in the champagne flutes for my clients. Not everyone likes champagne, so don’t waste the money. And certainly, if you are on a budget, cut this out for all the guests. During the toasts they will hold it up to their lips, barely touch it and then set it down. Let them toast with whatever is in front of them. Save your bucks.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Plan on! -saundra


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