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Makeup: make it or break it
December 7, 2007, 5:40 pm
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As you can see, wedding makeup artist looooove to go overboard with makeup. Bad makeup(and my eyes were watery all day because I had so much on). I did not speak up as this was not my wedding and the bride wanted us all to match(don’t even go there).

Not going overboard and looking like this again is my wish for my own wedding. Getting a professional to do your hair/makeup is often a choice that’s hard to make. You could look better- or it go downhill. They are not cheap by any means, and it feels like there are millions of them lurking in the corners, excited to expirement on you.

A wedding hair/makeup trial is a great idea- if only there did not typically cost at least $100 a trial. If you hate it, you have to trudge to another artist and have another trial. Minus $200 from your budget. But then again, if you hired makeup artist #1 for your day minus the trial, you might look like a raccoon for your big day.

Doing it yourself is another pit to fall into. I know I getting jittery with big events and trying to do liquid eye liner with my hands shaking seems like  bad idea. Or, if your one bride who I photographed, you decide to do it yourself only to forget your makeup bag at home because you have 346786 other things to think about. Uhoh.

I recommend going with stylist you already know. If you go to a salon to get a hair cut, ask if they do updos. Ask if you could get a hair cut appointment during when their doing an updo to watch and see what they do. As for makeup, not many of us have a stylist who rushes in every morning to make us gorgeous, so go with recommendations from places like or your friends. Keep an eye on the price though and try to go with someone who does both for the most bang for your buck. And remember, ask if they will come to you or if you have to go to them.


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