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December 7, 2007, 2:38 am
Filed under: decoration

I have yet to hand over my credit card very many times since starting planning because I love planning, not committing. My centerpieces are just one example. They start as non floral, then went to fairy gardens, then to mini terrariums…and thats when I stumbled on Illumination’s perfect terrariums. Anyone trying to buy one knows they at least go for $40. With at least 10 tables, that was ridiculous.  A few weeks ago Illumination’s terrariums were $25 each. I thought ‘omg, they are cheap, cute = perfect”. So I asked Nat. I asked Kate. Everyone loved them. And I still dwaddled because I hate making any decision.

Well today I clicked the buy button when I saw they were 75% off! Hells ya! I happily purchased 14 of them(in case at Nat’s insistence) for $100 including shipping and tax. I bought the medium size since they seemed big enough to hold some plants while not being a burden for people to look over(“Is that my mom at our table?”).



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