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are you sure those plates aren’t made of gold?
November 28, 2007, 2:23 pm
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Honestly I thought I was prepared and knew how much most things would cost for the wedding. The biggest suprise for me so far is renting. Renting chairs, linens, forks, spoons, cups and such was not high on my ‘it’s going to be expensive list’. Until I started to read rental sites. So far, it looks like to rent enough tables, chairs, linens etc to accomidate 100 people will cost $3,000 and up! Excuse me? I am not going to spend $2 per napkin for one freakin night.


So I went onto craigslist and instead of renting plates and silverware…I bought them. For a quarter of the price. I figure even if I resell them for 3/4 of the cost I’ll still be saving myself mucho money. I don’t remember what plates I ate off of at any wedding so this was not a high priority for me. Tablecloths? Ebay. Napkins? My grandma’s basement. Wine glasses? Ikea. I will still be renting tables and chairs but I’m only renting one set of chairs for ceremony and dinner and will ask some teenagers to help move them to the tables after the ceremony. And really read that fine print! My caterer charges two dollars a chair to bag them for transportation. Otherwise you bag them. I don’t want to be in my wedding dress bagging chairs but hell no I will not pay $200 so their chairs can each be bagged. I’ll again ask some teens for a couple bucks to bag the chairs.


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Um… Vegas is looking good at this point!

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