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November 14, 2007, 7:57 pm
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I hate flowers. They die. And the thought of spending lots and lots of money for flowers for my wedding made me initially say “No flower budget!”. But I did give in and will be having some greenery at my wedding. Mostly of the fake kind. I did a post on paper flowers, but what about velvet flowers?


Check out Dulken & Derrick for lots of interesting, though not cheap, alternatives to real flowers. But just think, you can wear these later or decorate your home with them. And not just dump them in the trash(or, for the more eco conscious, compost bin). I can imagine sprucing up my hair for a cocktail party or art opening with them. Or putting them on my favorite sweater or perhaps making a little corner brighter with some framed art and the flower in a mint julep cup. Hell, you can even send them fabric you have and they will make you custom flowers!


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Oooh – you could even do felt flowers. Pretty and they feel good.

Comment by Claire

i long ago decided that flowers are a no for me, and that instead i would use greenery from the farm. there’s so much growing there that i don’t NEED to pick something from the florists. Or lilacs. because they grow wild here too.

Comment by persephonesawakening

I looked into faux flowers for similar reasons as you did. I could actually make some tissue paper ones but they seriously end up looking like day-camp projects in the end. (Probably because that’s where I learned to make them in the first place.) I love these that you found though! The other thing that I’ve seen is people taking petals from flowers and sculpting them to look like one big giant flower. The little girl in me loves that kind of thing but I feel like, looking back on pictures, it would end up looking really weird. I agree with you though – to be able to use them again would be really cool. 🙂

Comment by Quynh

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