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And she’ll wear what
November 13, 2007, 11:07 pm
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Having a lesbian wedding means a lot of two. Two veils. Two dresses(sometimes). Two sets of shoes. But I might vomit if we went matchy matchy and got the same of anything. So what does a girl wear to her lesbian wedding?

A dress? Should it be white? Should we both go with the same white? What if we get two completely different dresses and it doesn’t go with the ‘feel’ of our wedding? If one of us wears heels, the other will be super short, but one of us wants heels, the other doesn’t. What about veils? Will it look weird with two? Will they tangle? Ack!

gaywedding070430_1_198.jpg photo via thad russell

I just found this article in New York Magazine about another girl’s exact problem: what does a girl wear to her lesbian wedding?


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I love the dress in the picture! Matching whites would be a bit odd. I always like nontraditional dresses.

Comment by Claire

I totally heart her dress too! The blue is stunning.

Comment by twobrides

Wear what makes you feel beautiful. If you both like to wear dresses, then do so. There doesn’t have to be one of you in a pants suit if you don’t like that.

Choose each dress or outfit to be different but cohesive. Also, I would only have one veil. Actually no veils. They suck. 🙂

Comment by saundra with planning forever events

When my partner and I got married, we wore matching tuxes (with different ties).

Comment by jos76

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