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October 4, 2007, 7:20 pm
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I am required by my school to do an internship all senior year. I initially really really wanted to intern with a wedding photographer, but no one could commit 100%. So I sent an application to a gallery, a little crestfallen that I would mostly be stuffing envelopes. However, a wedding photographer, Michael Bonfigli, got back to me and I had an interview. And as of Tuesday, I will be working for him, mostly with post production work of editing. I’m so excited! But it did make me realize how conceptual the Corcoran is with teachings, great, but it makes it hard in the real world when your not as familiar with big programs most photographers use like lightroom.


So I will be interning with a wedding photographer until May!


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Comment by persephonesawakening

I met this photographer once! I was celebrating my girlfriend-at-the-time’s birthday with a donut cake on Mt. Pleasant Street. He took a bunch of pictures without asking, promised to send them to us and never did. Can see what you can do about that, a’ight? 😛

Comment by Desaray

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