Two Brides

2 Brides
October 2, 2007, 3:19 am
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My wedding is September 21, 2008- a long time coming. Nat and I have been together for 6 years almost and engaged for 2. Yes, we are two girls getting married which makes it a bit, mmm, interesting. While we can’t get legally married either in MD, VA or my wonderful non-state DC, we sure as hell are going to have a wedding and then sit in front of a lawyer for hours drawing up papers and feeding him our money.

I’m a DIY and creative whore. I just love the stuff. And of course, with my own wedding looming, I have 1 million ideas. So put together me- creative, must do everything herself decor nazi- and my future wife – wants to please everyone and not be up till 2am for weeks making paper flowers because she doesn’t see the point- and we shall see what happens. img_7497.JPG

Here we are at Nat’s brothers wedding. Yes, we were both bridesmaids(no we don’t wear matching clothing- EVER)


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Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I wandered over to your website (the dangers of working from home…. you often fall victim to the siren call of the web) and was really impressed over all the planning you have started for the wedding.

I admit it. When I got married in January, I was NO where as organized as you seem to be now. Very cool ideas.

Might I offer one piece of unasked for advice? As one former bride to an upcoming one? Enjoy the planning, enjoy the search. But the moment you begin to panic over the napkins not matching the server’s ties…. get up, grab your girl, and go for a walk until the madness subsides. Remember, no matter how much you plan, something WILL go amiss. But the little details that matter now won’t be anything you remember after. The importent thing at the end of the day?

You got the girl… and you made her admit the commitment in front of everone! That… and a wonderful life together are all you’ll remember.

Have fun!

Comment by Jenna

You two are such a beautiful couple!!! I wish my hair would hold curls like yours do. 😉 It’s just not in my genetics (I’m Asian).

Comment by Quynh

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