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Recap: Getting Ready part one(christ this thing will be long)
October 29, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Let’s skip ahead a little. After the bachelorette party, we went home and feel asleep. The following day we had a 40’s style tea- but I have no pictures of that so I will have to wait to blog about it.

That night- the night before our wedding, we proceeded to go to Hotel Monaco. We had decided that for us to have our getting ready shots in Hotel Monaco, we would sleep the night before in the hotel and spend our actual wedding night at home. So we went to bed in fluffy sheets. Cue 230am. I’m too excited to sleep. I think about the day coming and grab a coke from the fridge. I smile and get up, pace the room. I go back to sleep for a little only to wake up again. Too much excitement. I rearrange all the hotel furniture for the day to my liking. I wait.

As the sun finally began to shine and 8am started to become a reality rather than a far off dream, I took a picture of Natalie sleeping that still makes me smile.

Fuzzy, warm, out of focus because I jumpy from the excitement.

So I am super excited and wake Natalie up- I love it when I wake up and cuddle Natalie. Because we have been in one place for 8 hours, all wrapped up in sheets, it smells just like Natalie. That day was no different and I enjoyed it before sprinting out of bed. Natalie laughed about me already arranging furniture. And cleaning.

And just as we are waking up, guess who shows up right one time? Megan and Jamie from Baltimore Hair and Makeup. I loved them so much and they started the day off so right. My mom arrived minutes afterward and they got to work on her. I worried a little as the time went on why Kate and Lauren had not arrived. They did eventually- they were just 20 minutes later because we had asked them to pick up a few things.

My mom sitting and waiting for her makeup to start.

Kate getting her makeup done.

Natalie was wonderful and got her hair done first while I ordered us breakfast. Oh!! I forgot to mention- we got ready TOGETHER. I loved it! Best decision because we got to share the whole day with each other and get excited. We hung out in our nightgowns and robes, sipping OJ and getting gorgeous.

Lauren getting ready- she forgot something to wear while getting her hair and makeup done. So we used a Hotel robe that they provide- how cool does she look?

We talked about small things, about everyday things. And then we heard a knock!! It was Emma and Marie- Natalie and my best friends. Here’s the thing, we didn’t have attendants other than our siblings because of the drama and the cost. Our friends got ready with us, got to wear what they wanted, and had a fab time. All without the stupid bridesmaid expectations and role.

The best friends ever!!!

Mooooore to come!

Tip #2: Don’t wear shoes
October 23, 2008, 6:59 pm
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Originally uploaded by redisred

Ok, so we all love shoes. And obsesses about what shoes we will wear for the wedding day. But by accident, it ended up Nat and I did not wear shoes after the ceremony. We went into the changing room to get bustled and get our veils removed. As Nat is changing into her flats for dancing she looks at me.

“These shoes are too small!”

“Well then don’t wear them.”

“But you’ll be so much taller then!”
“….ok we both won’t wear shoes”

So we ended up going barefoot after the ceremony. No one noticed and I LOVED it. I was super comfortable and went mad on the dance floor during the Hora.

Go barefoot for your reception.

Recap: The bacholorette party part 2
October 22, 2008, 4:07 pm
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So after loading up on yummy cake we headed out for Kelly and Natalie Jeopardy.

We had requested a somewhat low-key in regards to sexuality approach since we hd been to several of these kinds of parties and felt like it was just too sexual/too much for a mixed gender/age party.

So we had a game of questions like “What’s kelly’s favorite color?” or “Where did Natalie go for her graduation trip?” It was a real fun way to mix the crowd a little.

We then proceeded to attack the lovely gift bags, in rainbow colors non the less, and everyone started trying to do these mini games included in them that were logic puzzles.

I hate logic puzzles! OMFG, I had learning disability testing and they had those puzzles- I couldn’t figure a single one out. So it was me and tester sitting there while the time ran out and I stared at the puzzle trying to figure it out.

So back I was trying to figure the $^^&*%^& puzzle out. But I was having soooo much fun with my friends and just absorbing the fact that all these people were there because I loved them and they meant so much to me. I felt like I was in heaven!! All my best friends- there.

I’m so disgusted
October 16, 2008, 7:09 pm
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As some of you know, I have started my own wedding photography buisness. So I joined a flickr group that encourages and helps other photographs who are starting their own wedding photography business.

Yesterday, the topic of “would you shoot a gay wedding” appeared. I followed it like a hawk knowing there was going to be some bad stuff going down. I tried to argue in a calm, rational manner. I tried to swallow the ‘it’s against my morals’, ‘it’s a sin’, stuff coming from a lot of photographers. Then the craziness ensued and gay people were compared to pedophiles- and I went bat shit pissed. People then tried to defend said statement by saying in other cultures, they have different ethics that become ‘normal’. So gay people becoming ‘normal’ is like pedophilia becoming normal in some cultures.

I forgot how conservative a vast majority of wedding photographers are. Some of us are not, but a big whopping majority of wedding photographers are. In my first internship I had to deal with the photographer making jokes about the groomsmen hugging “Don’t get too close there!”

So this is my call to all you amazing brides/grooms out there reading this. Ask your photographer straight up if they would photograph a gay wedding. Ask them why it isn’t in their portfolio. Only do business with photographs who blatantly support gay marriage.

Make sure you vote no on Prop 8
October 16, 2008, 2:56 pm
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Please make sure you spread the word! This is not some abstract idea for some of us, it’s our actual lives. And families.

Ellen kicking ass
October 16, 2008, 2:51 pm
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Ellen has something to say, click over to hear her plea for Californian’s to say no to Prop 8.

A picture of our day
October 15, 2008, 7:06 pm
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Tip #1: What I wish I would have known….about gifts
October 15, 2008, 6:19 pm
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So with the wedding done I have learned a lot of stuff I never knew would be a big deal/I would need to know, so I’m going to share a few things I wish someone had told me.

1. Registering for gifts means a lot of waste

When I initially registered for gifts, I did so thinking it would be the easiest way for guests to find out what we wanted and would reduce the amount of crap we got, thus reducing our carbon footprint. But I forgot one big thing. Packaging.

I totally, 100% forgot how much shit they put in boxes to make sure nothing breaks. So while I am very very happy we registered to get the things we want, I really really wish I could have put up on our website for people to go to the store and purchase the gifts and then give them to us in person at the tea party(the day before the wedding). Instead, I’m up to my eyeballs in bubble wrap, boxes, plastic and other stuff from shipping.

As I was unpacking everything I realized the amount of waste that was going on and promptly got misty eyed. So I’m recycling all the boxes, keeping all the bubble wrap for future use, and trying to reduce the amount I’m putting in landfills. But still. It’s a lot.

Register, but remind guest not to ship your gift and buy it in person. Thus, a lot of packing supplies will be saved.

We are baaaaack
October 14, 2008, 6:15 pm
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We’re back from our honeymoon!!!!!

Can I just say I’m the luckiest person ever? I love being a married lady :D I had the most perfect wedding ever. I love my wife more than ever. I got to see the most important people in my life all day. Damn, I’m just so happy!! I think about it and I can’t help but just smile…it was all totally 100% worth every minute of planning.

So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? The recap posts. Let’s start at the very begining:

The bachelorette party- a surprise. We had no idea what it was going to be be, only that it was going to be fun & all our friends under 30 would be there. We had about 25 people there at Kate’s house. We all gushed and hugged and then sat down for our surprise….

Yes- WE GOT DRAG QUEENS!!!! Kate hired two lovely ladies to be our entertainment for the night. It was so hilarious. We were made to get up and dance, put on weird pink robes(aka lampshade dresses), and laugh. They were amazing. Peter got so excited, thank God the drag queen knew how to handle a very hyper straight boy who only wishes he could be gay :)

Emma, one of our best friends, loving life.

As you can see, Peter was dieing of happiness.

My brother and his manly friends totally cracking up. I’m so glad DJ is so supportive of me. He even got to feel the blonde’s boob.

May I say, if you are planning a friends bachelorette party, do please hire drag queens. They rock. And have hotter legs than you.

After laughing till it hurt, the lovely duo had to go. It was on to the food and dancing.

Kate made us the most amazing cakes- just look!

She made the veils to be the same we were going to wear. She made a drop veil for my girl! And she even put my bride with an updo, how badass is that?

The bride cakes kissing.

More pictures and posts later- we are only half way through this party!

I’m on my honeymoon and it still pissed me off
October 11, 2008, 7:33 pm
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Ok, while watching the “Campaign Trail” on CNN with Jonathan Mann he had a story on a transgendered representative in GA who was being sued. He lovingly summed up the story with….

“You go girl….um, guy,….um whatever.”

I got so pissed I immediately went and googled CNN and how I could respond.

Here’s my lil rant:

I love watching CNN and feel you guys do a great job. However, Jonathan Mann this evening made a highly trans phobic comment in reference to Riverdale, GA city council member Michelle Bruce. Saying “You go girl…um, guy, um whatever” to a transgender woman is sexist and offensive as it diminishes Ms. Bruce’s identity. Such transphobic rhetoric is a cheap ploy for laughs that does not do CNN justice.



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