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Color please
December 29, 2007, 12:39 am
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I’m tired of just white weddings. I hate white flowers with the white dress and the white linens. White = virgin. It’s old, passe. No one cares anymore if your a virgin walking down that aisle. So ditch the all white and go for it.


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Your stationary
December 26, 2007, 2:17 am
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Whether or not you diy your own invitations- at some point your going to be DIYing your programs or your placecards or something. And pattern always spices things up, especially if you have a limited color palette.


And I stumbled upon these pattern book- from japan of course- on Amazon. I love Japanese craft books. Maybe it’s the simplicity or the exotic of the ‘not done in th USA’ factor, but I know a lot of people who are addicted to them like crack. So when I saw these I thought they would be perfect for your backgrounds for wedding paper stuff.

December 25, 2007, 1:58 am
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Another aqua and red bride: cassipoa610 had the cutest DIY stuff that makes you want to grab your bone folder.


This is one hot Knottie- whew. The red dress just makes her look amazing. I love her tattoos and all the fab red.


Another aqua and red bride. I love her tablecloths, you never see blue tablecloths.


December 22, 2007, 4:49 pm
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I’m a huge MJ fan. I love love love the 80’s music he produced and usually play him along with Billy Joel while in the car with Lauren and Nat. We know all the words. So when I saw a couple did the thriller music video dance for their wedding I almost died. I love it! I’m almost convinced I should do it. It would be so much fun and totally unexpected. We already planned to have a ton of Michael Jackson playing at out wedding, so why not push it farther?


Bling bling
December 16, 2007, 9:06 pm
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Nat and I went into a jeweler to get my engagement ring resized and I spotted the most gorgeous ring ever. I looked at Natalie and I tried it on. She loved it. I loved it. So after a day of thinking hard, Natalie got me my wedding ring!

Now I have to wear them on septate hands when we do get married as my engagement ring is a weird shape and my wedding ring has a bigger stone than my engagement ring does(but its blue topaz). Here’s a bad photo of it, but I had to share.

I love love love love love it. It’s so damn sparkly. It’s surrounded by lots of tiny diamonds, so it’s super glittery.


Comittment, true devotion
December 11, 2007, 4:05 pm
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As you may have guessed, I have been getting a little push from my family to start really nailing down vendors and picking places so I can actually start to commit to things.

  • We have decided to have a day of coordinator. Why? Because I want to take the stress off Natalie’s mother, Kate and because I have 23445687789 decoration plans that will somehow need to be put together and implemented the day of. Also, with two brides, things are a little less structured in terms of tradition, so I wanted someone there who knows the full plan and can direct everyone there. And having a DOC is not cheap. So I have been looking into who is good and who is reasonable. But time is ticking and I was warned that DOC’s might not be available if I wait a month or two longer. So in the last 3 days I have emailed like crazy a bunch of DOCs to get a good idea of what their like.
  • Ketubah: This has become a big big problem.  There are not many ketubah artists that do same sex ketubahs. In fact, there are a handful. And the ones we have found…well their wording is not what we want at all. I don’t want to talk about how chummy we are as friends, thankyouverymuch, but would like to talk about our life long commitment. I feel their wording is like a best friends forever statement and frankly, if I wanted a friend, I wouldn’t be a freakin lesbian! It’s a giant pain in my ass and has caused so many problems in my life(maybe I’ll write about almost becoming a mormon one day due to my fear of being a lesbian). So a custom ketubah is what we probably need to buck up and do but- the price. Our budget said $500 was he max. Emailing these artists, well, our quotes have been $1000 and up. I really understand the price as an artist myself, the amount of time, etc…but I frankly can’t afford it. So do I go with the cheesy ketubah that even my Rabbi doesn’t like(we talked to him about it) or somehow spend less money on something else?15331590_757b38ed73.jpgvia flickr

Any same-sex couples have a ketubah artist they love? Worship? Can afford?

Your either in or your out
December 8, 2007, 1:02 pm
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Wedding traditions are funny. Some people blindly follow them while others question wtf others were thinking.

Planning forever has a great post about which traditions are out out out. I could not agree more!

How many times have I, in horror, watched as the groomsmen go up bridesmaid’s skirts ‘in search’ of the garter. Or the groom’s take off the bride’s garter with his teeth to bad james bond music, oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses. And the bouquet toss says “your only valuable ladies if your married”. Excuse me while I vomit.

From planning forevers blog:

Number One: Bouquet/garter toss (no surprise). More couples are ditching this long time tradition for many reasons. For some they know their guest list and the fact that there are more married people attending the reception than singles. For others, they just know how lame this goes. Who catches the bouquet 9 times out of 10? A six year old girl. Whoopeeee! And the dudes? Well AFTER you take 10 minutes of embarrassing them to get them on the dance floor, they stand their like statues with their hands folded, refusing to even get near the tossed garter. After it lands on the floor, who gets it? The 3 year old boy that just rushed in from the side lines.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Two: Formal guests books. Yawn. Some of those guests books ask for everything but the guest’s social security number. It takes forever to fill out and backs up the guests out the front door when trying to enter the ceremony site. You’ll never look at this thing again. Instead, look for newer traditions such as; photo books, signed photo mats, small pieces of paper that guests can give advice and then make a scrap book.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Three: NOT seeing each other before the wedding. Most important day of your life for the both of you, and you spend HALF that day trying to not see each other. Huh? I love the weddings that my clients start the pictures before the wedding, the vibe is just so cool and much better (but that is for another post). See each other. Do yourself and your guests a favor.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Number Four (finally): Champagne Toasts. I’ve put beer, wine, 7-up, juice, diet coke, punch, and water in the champagne flutes for my clients. Not everyone likes champagne, so don’t waste the money. And certainly, if you are on a budget, cut this out for all the guests. During the toasts they will hold it up to their lips, barely touch it and then set it down. Let them toast with whatever is in front of them. Save your bucks.
This tradition is OOUUT!

Plan on! -saundra

Makeup: make it or break it
December 7, 2007, 5:40 pm
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As you can see, wedding makeup artist looooove to go overboard with makeup. Bad makeup(and my eyes were watery all day because I had so much on). I did not speak up as this was not my wedding and the bride wanted us all to match(don’t even go there).

Not going overboard and looking like this again is my wish for my own wedding. Getting a professional to do your hair/makeup is often a choice that’s hard to make. You could look better- or it go downhill. They are not cheap by any means, and it feels like there are millions of them lurking in the corners, excited to expirement on you.

A wedding hair/makeup trial is a great idea- if only there did not typically cost at least $100 a trial. If you hate it, you have to trudge to another artist and have another trial. Minus $200 from your budget. But then again, if you hired makeup artist #1 for your day minus the trial, you might look like a raccoon for your big day.

Doing it yourself is another pit to fall into. I know I getting jittery with big events and trying to do liquid eye liner with my hands shaking seems like  bad idea. Or, if your one bride who I photographed, you decide to do it yourself only to forget your makeup bag at home because you have 346786 other things to think about. Uhoh.

I recommend going with stylist you already know. If you go to a salon to get a hair cut, ask if they do updos. Ask if you could get a hair cut appointment during when their doing an updo to watch and see what they do. As for makeup, not many of us have a stylist who rushes in every morning to make us gorgeous, so go with recommendations from places like or your friends. Keep an eye on the price though and try to go with someone who does both for the most bang for your buck. And remember, ask if they will come to you or if you have to go to them.

and click
December 7, 2007, 2:38 am
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I have yet to hand over my credit card very many times since starting planning because I love planning, not committing. My centerpieces are just one example. They start as non floral, then went to fairy gardens, then to mini terrariums…and thats when I stumbled on Illumination’s perfect terrariums. Anyone trying to buy one knows they at least go for $40. With at least 10 tables, that was ridiculous.  A few weeks ago Illumination’s terrariums were $25 each. I thought ‘omg, they are cheap, cute = perfect”. So I asked Nat. I asked Kate. Everyone loved them. And I still dwaddled because I hate making any decision.

Well today I clicked the buy button when I saw they were 75% off! Hells ya! I happily purchased 14 of them(in case at Nat’s insistence) for $100 including shipping and tax. I bought the medium size since they seemed big enough to hold some plants while not being a burden for people to look over(“Is that my mom at our table?”).


December 6, 2007, 2:13 am
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I love blue for weddings. Aqua blue to be exact. It can be gorgeous and unexpected. So I threw together a mosaic for ya’ll. :)


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